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    Sony CEO Jack Tretton: PS3 Sales Are Skyrocketing

    After news of Sony's recent net loss, today it appears there is finally a positive outlook for the PlayStation 3 videogame console!

    In a video interview with from Quentin Hardy of Forbes, Sony CEO Jack Tretton stated that PS3 sales are now skyrocketing.

    This comes after the PS3 Slim announcement, recent PS3 price drop and PS3 sales increase.

    To quote: "Skyrocketing sales, Quentin. Couldn't be happier with the numbers that we're seeing, and I think proof that there was tremendous consumer demand. They were just waiting for the price point to come down."

    Quite refreshing news indeed, especially considering this is a PS3 site eh?

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Anthogno Guest
    I am very glad for sony. They finally managed to get ps3 going.

    But as a veteran ps3 owner this doesnt mean much to me, i just hope the console sales will attract more developers for a greater game library collection. Cause to be honest, my ps3 is collecting dust since i finished killzone 2.

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    ernvil Guest
    Only time will tell before we surpass the sales of the gaybox

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    DSpider Guest
    The slim PS3 didn't go well with retailers, tho. They had to drop the fat version to match the slim's price. So retailers are loosing money on the old PS3 stock by selling them cheaper. But it's a good thing for the consumer.

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    sorceror Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Anthogno View Post
    i just hope the console sales will attract more developers for a greater game library collection.
    That's my hope, too. But...

    Quote Originally Posted by Anthogno View Post
    Cause to be honest, my ps3 is collecting dust since i finished killzone 2.
    ...I have to disagree here. Plenty of good games for the PS3 already. I had a blast with inFamous, and I'll be spending some time with the new Katamari and Uncharted goodness. I'll be get Modnation Racers day one, most likely - I still have fun with LBP. Heavy Rain looks interesting, too.

    And that's just the sort of stuff I'm interested in. A whole lot of people are excited about Demon's Souls, Gran Turismo, the new Rachet & Clank, GOW 3, etc.

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    I also disagree if your ps3 is collecting dust is because you are not giving "him" the chance. Whenever Im waiting for AAA titles like uncharted 2, modern warfare 2 and others I revisit the titles that came out last year or the year before that I didnt have the chance to play.

    With so many great titles and AAA titles coming on the holidays its imposible at least for me to play them during the same season they come out. For example right now Im playing Bioshock yes a game that came out in 2007 that i didnt have the chance to play. After bioshock I have brand new valkyria chronicles which is a title that came out nov. 2008. And I also plan o playing uncharted2, mw2, bioshock 2, mag, white knight chronicles, Final fantasy and so many others.

    For me the last year, or 14 months since Ive had my ps3 have been the best, I sold all my consoles and never looked back. Im in love with my fat ps3 that also plays ps2 games and the psn games are great too and cheap. My gf also buys me games to keep me entertained and happy, also she likes me to be at home all the time, but hey Im happy and so is she.

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    Valauliver Guest
    If your PS3 is collecting dust cause you completed Killzone 2, its not Sony's fault. Its yours!

    I'm playing Uncharted Drake's Fortune for the 6th time now because it is so awesome. I still haven't completed Oblivion, Fallout 3, Mirror's Edge, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Bioshock, Rise of the Argonauts etc etc etc... And with all the new amazing games coming out (think its a total of 17 I want that are coming to PS3).

    You sir just need to get a wider range in taste of games, or buy more games Don't blame Sony

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    sk8r8sht Guest
    yeah i cant wait for uncharted 2 and cod mw 2 these games are going to take up a big chunk of my life. Now if only people will notice how bad the craftmanship that they put into making the cursed xbox

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