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Thread: Sony to Cancel the PlayStation 3 - Do People Actually Think This?!

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    Takavach Guest

    Sony to Cancel the PlayStation 3 - Do People Actually Think This?!

    PlayStation Gamer UK Writes: While checking the Web sites stats as I like to do from time to time, I did come across some rather interesting information.

    Looking at the section which tells me what terms people used in search engines before coming across PlayStation Gamer UK. There were the normal "PlayStation UK" and "killzone 2 pre-order" terms, the one which stood out the most however was that was a considerable amount of people (so much so it was the second most searched term before visiting this Web site) entering "Will Sony Cancel the PlayStation 3?".

    While clearly the people entering these searches are most likely not that familiar with the gaming industry and clearly unaware that the PlayStation 3 has seen solid sales since its release and like all consoles isn't going to go everywhere.

    It does peg the question why did they ask it in the first place. After looking into it there are some reasons why they may ask the question.

    The first of which is the recent NPD data which has been released for November and a lot of the mainstream news outlets have taken this data and focused on how the PlayStation 3 sales were down on this time last year in the US.

    Now the average person may read this and come to the quick conclusion that this means that sony are going to stop making it which then makes them going on to google and see whats actually going on.

    The second reason is less likely to be true however its worth being mentioned. When browsing other Web sites I have noticed in the user comments that they believe there is a lack of any real advertising for the PS3 over in the USA.

    While this isn't the case in the UK since both the PS3 and PSP have seen plenty of air time over the hoilday season, if this is actually the case in America some people may think that Sony are giving up on the console since they no longer seen any adverts for it.

    I hope this article as got you thinking and it does actually provide a good insight into what the public are thinking about Games consoles and how they are doing.

    I also hope that if anyone else comes onto this website after searching that term that they will see that the PlayStation 3 is doing fine and that with a line up of great titles such as Killzone 2 and God Of War III hitting in 2009 the only way is up for it.

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Media Sabotage? To be honest I actually don't read articles anymore about how bad the PS3 is doing because 99% of these articles come from the USA and are based on the US market only.

    A "yes but the NPD says the PS3 is doing very bad" Who the heck is the NPD and why do we care what the NPD says. there are tons of countires in the world that also sell PS3's not just the USA.

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    TImNames Guest

    no way

    I don't think sony would do that, they would be way out of there league.

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    ps3KID Guest
    maybe by stop making them they probably ment that they were going to stop making 160 gb ones because they cost more and they rather make the less gb ones so its less money and they might be planing something big for the future.

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