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    Apr 2005

    Sony Bring on v2.43 Firmware quickly as 2.42 is all Messed Up

    Numerous amounts of gamers are reportedly requesting to Sony that they release the new PS3 firmware ASAP as v2.42 is causing them loads of issues. The reported issues range from no discs being read to problems of going online.

    To quote: Personally our PS3 is just fine but then we have not had much time with it since the latest firmware. This is what some gamers have reported to PR:

    Well this is totally Effed Up!!! My son decided that it would be a good idea to update the PS3 and he did 2 nights ago without me knowing it. Well now ANYTHING BLURAY does NOT play. NOTHING!!! Doesn't even recognize the DAMN Disc!!! Is there anything I can do???

    Installed this newest update and now nothing works, can not read disks at all. We have done the system restore, etc. now have to wait while it gets shipped to Sony to fix it.

    Very upsetting, fairly new PS3 (5 months) in excellent condition and was working perfectly prior to update. Extremely frustrating.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    codo27 Guest
    Bosh, flimshaw. I haven't had a hitch since installing 2.42, neither has any of my friends. We are probably dealing with a hoax put together by xbox owners.

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    brickked Guest
    well actually its not of the firmware.. i have blueray bricked caused by 2.35 if i remember correctly but still its damn annoying

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    goldenone Guest
    I have asked around as well and i haven't had any issues my self and none of my buddies have. I dont think its a hoax as much is its just some peoples ps3 are messing up and there looking for an excuse. I could be wrong and i would think sony would have these issues resolved soon if there were issues with the 2.42... I do feel for those that have lost there ps3 do to the past updates tho... If that is the case.

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    Pziko Guest
    i havent have any problems @ all with any of the updates [i got the ps3 that came with MGS4]

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    pacific808 Guest
    My bluray got bricked during a game loading process. They wanted a 150 bucks to fix it. I hope they offer free service to people to got their bluray drives messed up during the update process. I really dont feel like paying 1/3 of a ps3 just to fix one.

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    pan0k Guest

    Sound alot like my 360 RROD

    I am glad that I did not update to 2.42. This is getting to be a serious matter. Right now, Sony is even worse than Microsoft, IE Red Ring of Death (RROD). At least Microsoft accepted the RROD responsibility. Now that PS3 is heading in the general direction and it is even worse. PS3 Firmware updates keep coming out weekly and if you mess it up, Sony will not pick up the cost.

    Come on, Sony, how often do I flash the firmware to my VAIO laptop? The answer is NONE!!

    I think my best bet is now the Wii. At least they did not force you to update the firmware to go online.

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    pacific808 Guest
    Yeah but its not like your programs are stored in flash. Pretty much that is what a firmware update for the ps3 is. But I think that the 360 was way worse. If you research it Microsoft has lost over a billion dollars due to repairing 360's after gettin the rrod. And it was caused by numerous reasons like (certain game bugs, overheating, and os bugs) The ps3 is just being hit by bugs in the os.

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    nightwish Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pan0k View Post
    I think my best bet is now the Wii. At least they did not force you to update the firmware to go online.
    YES!! Pan0k .... the "force" update sucks me too ...

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    like many people before have said, i updated my ps3 with the new firmware and everything is ok. i think someone made a valid point of saying that people are just looking for excuses and they think its the firmware because of what happened with the 2.40 update.

    sony do take responsibility when its clearly their fault, them pulling the 2.40 and saying sorry is the first example i would give, also they helped people out of the problem for free by formatting your hard drive.

    at least the problems caused by the firmware are fixable unlike the problems at microsoft where you have to send in your xbox to get a new one which has the same problem.

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