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Thread: Sony to Bring PS3 3D Gaming in 2010 via Firmware Update

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    unreal291 Guest
    Found this old(ish) news page saying that the "...PS3 would be fully compatible with a range of 3D TVs..."
    Source -

    Let's just hope it's also compatible with the cheap 3D glasses you can get, like with the 3D G-force game.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Well, it will be necessary that some kind of device (like goggles or a special filter on the screen) is between the user and the screen. As we have seen with Wipeout in 3D at TGS, it will probably be some kind of "dual-screen-on-a-single-screen" display, using goggles to put the two images back together, thus giving the feeling of depth.

    I don't know if a 120 or 240 Hz will be necessary, but I doubt that Sony would implement a feature most of its user can't use.

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    ynoz Guest
    yeah great! so now i have to change my brand new 1000 bucks regza just to play 3D in a twice expensive bravia. i'm so screwed!

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    jussike Guest
    Hehe ... I am kind of unable to imagine how the 3D gaming stuff works behind TV ...

    Anyway, good news The more features, the better.

    Guess my old TV won't be able to handle 3D gaming ... it probably explodes after the first minute

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    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Wonderkik View Post
    I don't know if a 120 or 240 Hz will be necessary, but I doubt that Sony would implement a feature most of its user can't use.
    AFAIK, you need to have a tv that is capable of atleast 100hz to utilise 3d gaming, its to do with the speed of the refresh rate and the goggles
    but im happy for someone to correct me if im wrong?

    The idea of a filter placed on the screen instead of wearing glasses is interesting, but i think that the 3d image would be lost because i believe the glasses have a fast shutter response that acts with the tv's refresh rate which gives the illusion of 3d
    so its kinda like... game-->tv refresh rate 100hz-->air-->shutter glasses-->your eyes
    so the 3d image fills the air between the screen and your eyes

    but this is all based on MY understanding of how 3d games work so again, correct me if im wrong?

    long story short, yeh i think a tv with 120hz would be necessary for 3d games

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    Wonderkik Guest
    Yes, I tend to think that at least 120Hz will be necessary, sadly.

    About the idea of a screen filter, it would work exactly as the goggles (not sure how exactly they work by the way ^^) but instead of giving the feeling of the graphics filling the gap between the Tv and you, It would rather extend beyond your tv. We would feel depth from the screen to a point which we would percieve as behind the Tv.

    That gets pretty complicated explaining impressions and feelings about 3D on a 2D screen ^^
    I think we'll just have to wait and see (and buy a new Tv for most of us )

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    youngtwan Guest
    sweet.. I cant wait for this to arrive !

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