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Thread: Sony Apologizes for OtherOS Removal due to PS3 Piracy Concerns

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    Sony Apologizes for OtherOS Removal due to PS3 Piracy Concerns

    Despite some refunds being granted, today Sony UK has officially apologized for the OtherOS removal in the recently released PS3 Firmware 3.21 update citing PS3 piracy concerns as the underlying factor.

    To quote from Sony's official statement to (linked above):

    "We are sorry if users of Linux or other operating systems are disappointed by our decision to issue a firmware upgrade which when installed disables this operating system feature.

    We have made the decision to protect the integrity of the console and whilst mindful of the impact on Linux or other operating system users we nevertheless felt it would be in the best interests of the majority of users to pursue this course of action.

    As you will be aware we have upgraded and enhanced functionality and features of the console by numerous firmware upgrades over time and this is a very rare instance where a feature will be disabled. Further enhancements are in the pipeline.

    Users do have the choice whether to install the firmware upgrade and this is clearly explained to them at the time the firmware upgrade is made available for installation. Furthermore our terms and conditions clearly state that we have the right to revise the PS3's settings and features in order to prevent access to unauthorised or pirated content."

    [imglink=|Sony Apologizes for OtherOS Removal due to PS3 Piracy Concerns][/imglink]
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    semitope Guest
    Sony is stupid. majority of which users? They make it seem as if geohot or some other hacker is going to go around forcing consoles to be modified.

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    Raze1988 Guest
    Ohoho! Would you look at that!

    Still, they try to say that their decision is for the best of us users, yet they forget that such things as: More versatility and, don't deny it, potentially free games are what many users want.

    A simple TOS agreement isn't over the fricken law.

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    Hortlo Guest
    The removal of the Other OS is what instigated Geohot in the first place, morons.

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    tripellex Guest
    The way I see it, if Sony is this freaked out, filing patents and risking numerous partial or full refunds due with their removal of OtherOS, then we must be close to some SERIOUS progress in both the homebrew and dare I say it, even possiby the piracy scene. Not saying I condone the latter, but Sony obviously knows something we don't fully fathom, in terms of how close we are to actually breaking down the walls that have been unbreakable for almost 4 years now.

    Its akin to those movies, where some hacker or even Joe Schmoe stumbles across something seemingly minor, and the entire government or corporation goes ape to silence them.

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    computers6 Guest
    The removal of other OS definitaly removes a feature and is some what of a loss towards the PS3 functionality. But it really isn't that much of a bad thing. With what happened to the PSP, piracy sky rocketed, and developers just stopped making games, because they weren't making any money. Now that might not happen with the PS3, because games are alot bigger, and the PS3 could possibly be harder to hack. But it could of possibly have reached this point. The removal of other os, while is hated, it may turn out to be a good thing, as we will still have new games to play.


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    Preceptor Guest
    Oh... How sad... They are sorry, are they?
    FOOK them!

    In other words they are saying : "Sorry for the removal of linux... but... you know what? We had the right to do what we did..."

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    dc740 Guest
    what are you talking about?

    Piracy is not stopping any Xbox360 game developer!!!
    and the Xbox360 is fully cracked. wave.... after wave... after wave...

    I have the option to not to accept they Terms and Conditions. And I just simply don't. That's why I will not upgrade. I don't want to lose functionality. And yes. I DO use Linux. And I NEVER tried to run the famous exploit that seems to freak them out.

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    smarty94 Guest
    I think Sony is just scared after what happened to the psp and wants to avoid that at all costs. I use linux and have played around with the h.264 encoder, it will be a shame to see the functionality go.

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    So, when GeoHot releases his CFW that enables OtherOS on FW3.21, will they re-release it to everybody else?

    It would seem pointless to keep it from everybody who wanted to use it as another operating system (instead of breaking through the security) while those people are doing it anyways...

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