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Thread: Sony Announces Vidzone Service for the PlayStation 3 Console

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    Sony Announces Vidzone Service for the PlayStation 3 Console

    As part of Sony's Pause event in Sydney, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia announced a new service coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3 - Vidzone.

    The new service is an optional download that places a new icon on the cross-media bar (XMB), allowing access to a massive number of music videos on demand.

    VidZone will also be bringing live concert videos, as well as behind the scenes, interviews and making of footage, to your TV when it launches on PS3.

    To quote: According to Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, the service is aiming for a June launch, possibly to coincide with E3 - though this is subject to change.

    The service itself, which is listed under 'music' on the XMB as a small TV set with a 'Z' in it, is free to all PS3 owners who choose to install the application. However, revenue appears to be generated from ad placement within the browser window.

    While in the Vidzone, you can search for artists, by track, genre or album and you can save playlists. The menu is a simple up/down scroll through letters, rather than the pop-up menu generally used.

    The selected video can be maximized with a tap of select, instantly filling the screen with sharp, streaming video content. You can also pause, fast-forward and rewind these videos.

    We were impressed by the quality of the streaming video - loading without delay and running smoothly in a decent resolution - at this stage, the specifics are unclear. That said, Ephraim confirmed that the service would be cached locally, to ensure that every user, regardless of location, could expect excellent streaming.

    That's not all - the service also allows you to set up playlists on your PSP while you're on the go, so they're cued up when you get home to your PS3 console.

    Region-specific content is also on the way, and Sony hopes to have 10,000 videos on the service in the near future. Most major labels are currently in talks to bring their artists to the service; Sony has declined to comment further on this.

    Stay tuned for more details on Vidzone and other announcements soon.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Is this only for Australia??? Honestly if it is I will be pissed XD.

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    From what I have read, there have been no plans to launch it in the US yet sadly..

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    Yeah!!! Suck it, about time we get something exclusive on our PS3's, and quit your bitching we don't even get a Video store on Playstation Store not to mention we get stuff weeks or months after you guys do.

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    chris2k7sears Guest
    thanks for the news, i cannot wait to get this!

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    MMBtalk Guest
    This indeed expands the functionality of the PS3, but why is Sony so slow in spreading the PlayTV to regions beyond Europe? Are there technical issues that require years to resolve? I think Sony shouldn't totally ignore minor regions.

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    Scrapy Guest
    this will be a great addition to our ps3 store in Australia which is currently very dull... but i still would prefer a video store over some free music-video clips that would be available anywhere on the net.

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    bazji Guest
    will this be available in the uk?

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