With Heavy Rain for PS3 launching globally this week, Sony's European Product Manager Alex Pavey has announced that today officially begins Heavy Rain week on the PlayStation 3 entertainment system.

To quote: It's been great to see so many of your excited comments over the last few months as we've got closer to launch, and now the time has come at last - this week, Heavy Rain will be released in stores across Europe!

We've seen some fantastic review scores - here's just a selection in case you missed them...

- 9/10 - Eurogamer (UK)
- 9/10 - IGN (UK)
- 10/10 - Total Video Games (UK)
- 94% - 4players.de (Germany)
- 94% - spieletester.com (Germany)
- 91% - 9lives (Belgium)
- 93% - PS3only.nl (Netherlands)
- 5/5 - Gamalive (France)
- 9/10 - Eurogamer (France)

Look out for more Heavy Rain postings all week, and check out Jem's posting about the premiere in Paris if you missed it.

Sony Announces Today Officially Begins Heavy Rain PS3 Week

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