Sony Associate Producer Jenny Barbour has announced that SingStar Song Packs will be coming to PSN today.

Below are all the details, to quote: I'm happy to tell you that starting today you'll be able to expand your SingStar track library by purchasing a great selection of downloadable SingStar Song Packs that were previously only available on the SingStore via the PlayStation Store as well in the U.S. and Canada.

To start, you'll be able to choose from 49 packs including party-starting essentials like the Britney Spears, Bon Jovi: Rock, The Jackson 5 and Alternative 80s Song Packs. Each pack has five songs and will be available for download via PSN for $6.99.

Additional SingStore Song Packs will be coming to PSN soon; but for now, check out the full list of packs that will be available today!

Essentials: Country
Motor City Soul

80s Part 2
Essentials: For Boys

Essentials: For Girls
No Doubt

Alternative 80s
Essentials: Party Starters

Billy Joel
Essentials: Pop Classics
Paul McCartney

Essentials: Pop Stars
Pop Ballads

Bon Jovi: Ballads
Essentials: Rock Anthems
Roxette Ballads

Bon Jovi: Rock
Festive Fun
Snow Patrol

Britney Spears
Festive Fun 2
Snow Patrol 2

Il Divo
Soft Rock Ballads

Island Records
Songs From Andrew Lloyd Webber

Coldplay 2
Kings Of Leon
Take That 2

Crowded House
The Jackson 5

Dizzee Rascal
Lady Gaga
The Saturdays

Duran Duran
Lionel Richie and the Commodores

Eddy Grant
Vagrant Records


Once you've purchased your Song Packs on the PlayStation Store, just pop in your favorite SingStar disc and you'll be given the option to start downloading your songs. Then your SingStar carousel will be instantly updated to include your new tunes and you'll be ready to start hitting the high notes alongside your favorite artists and music videos.

So head over to the PlayStation Store or the SingStore to stock up on SingStar Song Packs. The choice is yours!

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