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    Sony Announces SingStar Client on the PlayStation 3 XMB, No Disc

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    Sony DanceStar Content Manager Nina Scherer has announced today that the SingStar client is coming to the PlayStation 3 XMB meaning no disc will be required any longer!

    To quote: I promised you exciting news, so here it is! SingStar, the ultimate competitive singing game for PlayStation 3, will now be available to everyone in SCE Europe territories (as well as Australia and New Zealand) as a free download straight from the XMB.

    Yes, that's right, no more need to slot in a disc to get that party started. Simply install SingStar from the XMB and you will be able to start singing in no time, share your performances with the community and visit the SingStore to get hold of more great tracks for your collection.

    I've listed all the great things about SingStar on the XMB for you below but I am most excited about the fact that you can now play SingStar with your PlayStation Eye camera.

    We have spent many an afternoon testing this in the office and are pretty pleased with it so please let us know what you think! This will only work for single player mode, so if you're gearing up for a serious SingStar battle, you'll obviously still need to plug in some mics.

    If you're brand new to SingStar and have never bought a song from the SingStore before, there are also some short demo songs available for you to download and try out.

    SingStar on the XMB:

    • The client is FREE, no disc required!
    • Sing with PS Eye
    • Compatible with SingStar microphones, official PlayStation
    • Wireless headsets and common USB microphones
    • Short demo songs available for download for new SingStore customers
    • Easy access PS2 and PS3 disc swap from song carousel
    • Use PSP or PS Vita to create playlists with SingStar Remote
    • Instantly share your performances with the SingStar community and your friends on Facebook
    • Acquire new trophies

    SingStar will be added to the XMB very soon. Follow us on Twitter @SingStarHQ and keep your eyes peeled on www.singstar.com for more news and a confirmed release date.

    Sony Announces SingStar Client on the PlayStation 3 XMB, No Disc

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    This annoys me. I don't even like SingStar, and it forces itself onto MY PS3's XMB You can't delete or disable it. You can't hide it either. I think it is the most pathetic attempt to shove spending opportunities in your face. It's basically a freemium app which you can never delete from your XMB and will always be at the top of your games list. For those of you who don't have PSN accounts covered by SCE Europe, you're lucky.
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