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    Sony Announces PlayStation Official App v1.1 is Coming Soon

    Update: The Sony PlayStation Official App version 1.1 for both Android and iPhone is now available!

    Sony Portal Manager Emmanuel Orssaud has announced today that the PlayStation Official App v1.1 is coming soon from the iTunes and Android Market.

    To quote: I'm pleased to announce that the next version (1.1) will include some of the most requested features.

    This new version will be available for download in a few weeks from iTunes and Android Market. Let's take a look at the new features and improvements.

    In the MyPSN section you'll be able to order your friend list based on their online status and search for friends.

    You will now have the ability to compare trophy information with your friends in more detail, as shown in the screenshots below.

    In the Blog section, you'll now be able to comment directly from the app and also rate the posts in portrait and landscape mode.

    Share & Discuss

    There is a new section in the app called Share & Discuss. In there you'll find all our official
    PlayStation updates from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

    Please note that this new version will not support Android 1.6 anymore. Please upgrade your firmware before installing the new version of the PlayStation Official App.

    I'll be back on the blog to let you know as soon as the new version becomes available in the meantime you can still install the current version (1.05) and here are some handy QR codes to take you straight to the download page.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Only thing anyone would really care about is the PSN Messaging, anything else is just PR crap anyway ...

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    ChaseHammer Guest
    now if only would come to USA...

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    KrisFluke Guest
    I'm confused. You can't play games with this app right? So we just get game news and such? That's what we have ps3news for!

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