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Thread: Sony Announces PlayStation Network Store Festive Holiday Sale

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    Sony Announces PlayStation Network Store Festive Holiday Sale

    With the holidays upon us, Andy Stewart of the Playstation Store Team has announced today news of a PSN Store festive sale that runs through the middle of next month with details below.

    To quote: It's Christmas!! (almost) and to celebrate the festive season, the PlayStation Store brings you some outstanding offers on over 100 titles for the Festive Sale which starts on the 23rd December and runs all the way to the 11th January 2012.

    With Blu-ray Disc games and PlayStation Network games, PS3 add-ons and PS one Classics, PSP games and minis: there's something here for everyone.

    Here are some titles to give you a taste of what delights we have on offer:

    PS3 Games

    Premier Manager 2012 - Save up to 66%
    Playstation Move Heroes - Save up to 60%
    Rayman Origins - Save up to 33%
    Midnight Club LA Complete - Save up to 28%
    Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken - Save up to 30%
    The Baconing - Save up to 54%
    Zombie Apocalypse - Never Die Alone - Save up to 50%
    Castlevania: Harmony of Despair - Save up to 47%
    L.A. Noire Complete Edition - Save up to 10%

    PSP Games

    Metal Slug XX - save up to 73%
    Worms Battle Islands - save up to 65%
    Blazeblue Calamity Trigger Portable - save up to 57%

    And much, much more... But that's not all!!

    For all you minis fans out there, we have the Minis Pick and Mix. This is your chance to grab five fantastic minis of your choosing from a range of 50 popular titles: all for one low price of €3.99/3.19!

    Here are some of the games that are on offer:

    Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

    ME Monster: Here Me Roar!

    The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus

    I Must Run!

    Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death


    Pix'n Love Rush

    How does this work??

    Simply purchase the mini Pick & Mix ticket, once purchased you will be taken to a screen to pick which five games you want, its that simple!

    However if you leave the PSN Store before you decide what games you wish to purchase, you can go back at any time by following the below procedure:

    • Go to Playstation Network on the XMB
    • Go to Account Management
    • Go to Transaction Management
    • Go to your Services List
    • Select the minis Pick & Mix title
    • Select the minis Pick & Mix entitlement again
    • You will then view how many picks you have remaining on screen
    • Click on 'Select Content' - this will take you back to the minis • Pick & Mix catalogue where you can browse 50 minis
    • Make your minis selection

    So don't miss out on some great one time offers - take a sleigh ride over to PlayStation Store for the Festive Sale.

    [imglink=|Sony Announces PlayStation Network Store Festive Holiday Sale][/imglink]
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    elser1 Guest
    not even a free mini for xmas... LOL

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    Denida Guest
    You expected that? It's Sony after all...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    What the hell does "Save up to" mean?, does it vary between people on how much they save?

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