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Thread: Sony Announces Over 1 Million PlayStation Minis Served on PSN!

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    Sony Announces Over 1 Million PlayStation Minis Served on PSN!

    Sony's PlayStation Network Sr. Director Susan Panico has announced today that over 1 million PlayStation Minis have been served on PSN for PSP, PSPgo and the PS3 entertainment system.

    To quote: Today we're pleased to announce that our smallest downloadable games have passed a very big milestone: over 1 million minis have been downloaded worldwide.

    The minis line launched 9 months ago as a quick-to-download, bite-sized experience perfect for on-the-go PlayStation Portable gaming. There are now over 85 titles available on the PlayStation Store, and most are now playable on the PlayStation 3 as well as PSP.

    So which minis have been downloaded the most? Here are your top 10 most popular titles:

    - Age of Zombies
    - Monopoly
    - Fieldrunners
    - Zombie Tycoon
    - Bloons
    - Spot The Differences!
    - Pinball Fantasies
    - Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2
    - Yetisports Pengu Throw
    - Breakquest

    Many more minis are on the way, including Pacman CE from Namco Bandai Networks, so keep your eye on the PlayStation Store. Congratulations to all of our minis developers (over 50 in all), here's to another million downloads!

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    The minis are fun to play, i've download like 40 so far!

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