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Thread: Sony Announces New PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Are Available Now

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    Sony Announces New PS3 Greatest Hits Titles Are Available Now

    Sony PlayStation 3 Associate Marketing Manager Ami Sheth has announced news today that five new PS3 Greatest Hits Titles are now available.

    To quote: Today, we're adding five new titles to the PS3 Greatest Hits library.

    Back in September you were able to pick up a number of your favorites like, MAG, Call of Duty: World at War and Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time at the unbeatable Greatest Hits price. Now, be sure you pick up the latest Greatest Hits titles at retailers in the U.S. and Canada for just $29.99 (MSRP).

    New Greatest Hits titles include:

    - God of War III
    - Heavy Rain
    - ModNation Racers
    - UFC Undisputed 2010 (THQ)
    - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - Game of the Year Edition

    Many of you have already dedicated hours of gameplay to these games. But to those of you who've yet to experience games such as God of War III, Heavy Rain and ModNation Racers, which has surpassed more than 2 million user-generated creations (e.g. Tracks, Mods and Karts), make sure to take advantage of this incredible value.

    As we continue moving full steam ahead into an exciting 2011, stay tuned for more Greatest Hits, new game and video content available on the PlayStation Network, and a ground-breaking video game line-up for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Move. Enjoy!

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    It would be awesome if the piracy wasn't so widespread

    Nevertheless, it's a good opportunity to all those who downloaded these awesome games to go and buy them and act as a man.

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    cyberfix Guest
    This is an open-ended statement without any proof! Just because you can read constant articles about piracy of PS3 games and see several posts that refer to such a thing, it does not mean that it is widespread by any means.

    Piracy has been around since there were things to pirate. A lot of people like to claim how piracy is the end all to any given item that is being portrayed as the victim. There are several legitimate pirates that use piracy as a method to try out something before purchasing. Then there are others that do it to get rid of limitations brought on by root kits or other measures that claim to be a battle against piracy. All measures get circumvented and the end user is forced to deal with it on software that they may legitimately own unless they pirate or hack it in some form.

    My whole point is that everyone should not jump to conclusions and make such blanket statements as there is no hard proof of the numbers. If it were too bad, then companies simply could not exist. There are millions of legit users or users that may fall into a category defined as borderline (try before you buy scenario mentioned above).

    Back to the topic... The greatest hits collection finally make some of the great games affordable to many here. It is cheaper to buy and copy to your hard drive than to go through the download process in some areas. Long live bargain priced games!

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