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    Sony Announces Music Unlimited, Millions of Tracks on PSN Today

    Sony's VP of Network Operations Americas Eric Lempel has announced that beginning today PSN users can access millions of music tracks on PlayStation Network with Music Unlimited.

    To quote: We're excited to introduce a new way to experience music on your PlayStation and other Sony connected devices with today's launch of cloud-based, streaming digital music service Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity.

    With Music Unlimited, you'll have access to more than six million music tracks from major recording labels, leading independent labels and major publishers around the world. Discover the latest hits or classic favorites and sync your existing music library with the cloud for an endless custom music experience via personalized music channels and playlists.

    Check out the video walkthrough to see how it works:

    With Music Unlimited's Basic service, you can enjoy commercial-free, uninterrupted music across a variety of channels and genres and provide instant feedback on each song to ensure that the service is learning your music preferences and providing the proper recommendations based on your personal tastes.

    With the Premium service, you can access additional premium music channels, search the entire music database, play songs on demand and create custom playlists.

    In addition to PlayStation 3, you may also enjoy Music Unlimited on your network-enabled BRAVIA TV, Blu-Ray Disc player, Sony VAIO or other PC and coming soon to Sony's other mobile devices, including PSP.

    Music Unlimited will be available later this afternoon Pacific Standard Time (PST) for 30-day free trial of the Premium service, with monthly subscriptions of Premium at $9.99 or Basic at $3.99.

    For more information about Music Unlimited, check out the press release.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    boarder1042 Guest
    Looks interesting... I think im gonna stick with pandora radio tho. At least they won't ban my computer

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    daveshooter Guest
    Thanks PS3news for the heads up on this, I have to hide this from the kids for a few more days, because when they get wind of this I'll have in one kids room BBC Iplayer on some catchup soap, and in the other kids room none stop music. Not forgetting what I'm doing on mine.

    My pore router, working flat out. Anyway thanks, this is something all the family will like.

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    croft72 Guest
    Very nice. I suppose this is to be similar to Microsoft's "Last.fm" or "Zune" on the 360. To be honest, I'm glad to see this isn't yet another Playstation Plus members exclusive.

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    superste2201 Guest
    Wow this has been out in the UK for a few weeks already...

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    Sooks Guest
    This seems really cool and all but is this only a streaming service? I hear them mentioning listening from the cloud, so I'm assuming if we don't have internet then the service is no use. I would like to be able to save the music to my computer like Zune. The premium is 5 dollars cheaper than the Zune service, so if it has an equally large library and I can save to my computer then I'm all for switching services.

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    moja Guest
    Nice one Sony. Glad to see more reasons to like PSN.

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    tonybologna Guest
    Too bad most gamers can't fool with this now because they're being scared away from PSN due to using CFW/hacked consoles.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Well - I'll stay with Spotify I guess

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    neutralobserver Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by tonybologna View Post
    Too bad most gamers can't fool with this now because they're being scared away from PSN due to using CFW/hacked consoles.
    by most you mean 0.001% ?

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