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    Sony Announces Important PlayStation Network Maintenance

    Today VP Eric Lempel of Sony Network Entertainment has announced that PlayStation Network will be undergoing some important maintenance in order to get PSN fully operational again.

    To quote: Starting soon, the PlayStation Network will be inaccessible for several hours for maintenance. The server maintenance performed at this time represents a crucial step in the full restoration for PSN, including the PlayStation Store.

    During this maintenance period, users will be unable to sign in to PSN, though those that are already logged in should be able to remain online.

    Resumption of full PlayStation Network service is still on track for this week in most regions.

    Thank you once again for your patience as we work to return PSN to the highest level of service.

    Sony Announces Important PlayStation Network Maintenance

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    hah hope they dont make it to pay lol

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    Would it be true ?? And how long wil they be online ?

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    it'll be online for approximately 3 minutes when the servers get overloaded and crash going down for a further 3 weeks.

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    I'm glad it's coming back soon I've been waiting to download my map packs, etc which I purchased and never got to download :P Anyone else going to be using my download manager? I've got a feeling it will take the bandwidth away from users not using it, and give us an upper hand in downloading it first

    Just a little bit evil but that's the way my wagon rolls, find a way and use it to the best of your ability. Here's an update, for those interested. I hope you find it useful

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