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Thread: Sony Announces Hulu Plus is Live on PS3 via PSN Today!

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    Sony Announces Hulu Plus is Live on PS3 via PSN Today!

    Last week Sony confirmed that Hulu Plus was incoming for all PS3 users, and today PlayStation Network Senior Director Susan Panico has announced that Hulu Plus is live on PlayStation 3 via PSN.

    To quote: As we promised you last week, Hulu Plus is now available to all PlayStation 3 users in the United States via the PlayStation Network.

    Now, in addition to free access to a variety of content already available on the PlayStation Network, we're giving you even more options to the entertainment content you want!

    A subscription to Hulu Plus will cost $9.99 per month, giving you access to full seasons of current hit TV shows from more than 100 leading content providers, including ABC, NBC and FOX, and movies from many of the most well-known studios in the U.S.

    How does this change from what was already available? Well, you no longer need to have a PlayStation Plus subscription to gain access and you don't have to wait for an invitation from Hulu either. Beginning today, Hulu Plus is open to all PlayStation Network members in the U.S.

    To get your subscription to Hulu Plus after downloading the free app through the PlayStation Store, visit, which will direct you to the sign-up page.

    When creating your account, you will need to link your PS3 to your Hulu Plus subscription by simply using the referral code that will appear on the screen from your PS3.

    If you are already a Hulu Plus subscriber, you can enter your user name and password directly into the app or just enter the referral code at to link the device. You'll then see the Hulu Plus app appear under the video icon on the XMB.

    In addition to Hulu Plus on your PS3, you'll also have access from your connected Sony Blu-ray Disc players, Blu-ray Home Theater Systems, Network Media Players, DASH devices, and BRAVIA TV's.

    And, on top of that, selected BRAVIA Internet-enabled devices will qualify you for a promotion that provides $20 towards a trial of the Hulu Plus service. To learn about the promotion or redeem the offer, visit

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    clouduzz Guest

    Big Grin

    hahaha today was my first day back on psn since JB and I got this app!

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    msr Guest
    Any way of getting this to work on ps3 in uk?

    Do you need american credit card?

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    Jack Straw Guest
    I tried to sign up for the $20 promo on sonystyle and it's asking for a reg code:

    To get Registration Code

    1. Please make sure your Sony Blu-ray player/Network Media Player is connected to your TV, powered on, and active.
    2. Press the Home button on your remote control and navigate to the Network icon on the Xross Media Bar.
    3. Scroll to Activate Enhanced Features and select by pressing enter.
    4. Locate the Registration Code for your Blu-ray player/Network Media Player.

    Is there any way to get a working code out of our PS3's?

    A 2 month trial of hulu plus ($20) would be sweet, better than paying 10 bucks for something that requires PSN and could be "fixed" by sony tomorrow.

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    tjay17 Guest
    It is a shame that it has 10 dollars a month and don't know how long psn will last.

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