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    Sony Announces Dedicated Server Rentals Coming to PlayStation 3

    Today EA Games Battlefield 3 Community Manager Ian Tornay has announced via Sony's blog that dedicated server rentals are coming to PlayStation 3 entertainment system users.

    To quote: PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 players will have a chance to make Battlefield history.

    Starting today, we're going to offer PlayStation 3 players the opportunity to rent their own dedicated server. Your rules, your friends, your Battlefield.

    Want to enable friendly fire? Done. Want to only allow spawning on your squad leader? Make it happen. Like health regeneration, but not 3D spotting? You get the idea.

    Your server, your rules. And if you want to keep things exclusive put a "bouncer" out front; give your friends VIP status so they can cut to the front of the queue when joining, or keep unwanted players out by banning them.

    Whether you're using it as your favorite place to play ranked matches with your friends or as a staging ground to practice new tactics and strategies, you can't go wrong. You'll be able to rent servers for periods of one day (€1.49), seven days (€6.99), 30 days (€24.99), or 90 days (€59.99).

    The demand to be among the first PlayStation players to rent a Battlefield server will doubtlessly be huge. However, in order to ensure a stable experience for everyone, we will be ramping up capacity as the week progresses.

    If you can't rent a server today, don't fear! You'll have your chance as we increase the number of available servers over the course of a week.

    Looking for some of the weapons and gear that you've seen Battlefield veterans using? You're in luck! We're also introducing Shortcut items which will allow you to get caught up to more experienced players.

    Each item unlocks all the weapons and/or equipment for vehicles, a specific class, or even the co-op weapons. You can also bundle the items together if you're looking to unlock more at once for a deal.

    If you're itching to get a jump start with a class you've been neglecting or just want to get your hands on some advanced weaponry, they're the way to go. There is a lot of variety so go check them out on either the PlayStation Store or our in-game store.

    And last, but certainly not least, we've created a new Conquest Assault variant for our Back to Karkand owners who love Wake Island. This new mode offers a more tactical experience including a mobile anti-air spawn at the Beach base. In order to check out this new layout, search for Conquest Assault & Wake Island - keeping an eye out for the "CQA Alt2″ note in the server details.

    We hope you enjoy all the new goodies we're adding, as well as the fixes we're rolling out.

    As always, for more news about Battlefield 3, be sure to head on over to our blog!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    elser1 Guest
    i've stopped playing this game due to the lack of support/feedback from the devs.. they really should be ashamed!!

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    denxing Guest
    They really should be ass-ham.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Frankly - the prices for private servers are pure ripp off! I'm getting fed up with all the milking the Sony and developers are trying more and more lately, all those games with day (or week / month) one paid (and well overpriced) DLCs etc. etc.. And WHY to pay for the private servers in a first place?? Many other online games alows of setting your own online rooms and that's inlcuded in the cost of the game.

    We should avoid paying those - DO NOT purchase any of this crap! Let Developers know this is the wrong direction to go - vote with your wallet. Otherwise others will follow and we'll end up with paying for using everything in the game.

    This is so sad and pathetic.

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    elser1 Guest
    oops sorry for my bad spelling. i meant ashamed.. LOL

    thanks boss!

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