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    Sony Announces Azurite Blue 250GB PS3 Coming in October for $249.99

    Today Sony announced that an Azurite Blue 250GB PS3 is coming exclusively to GameStop on October 8th for $249.99 with details below.

    To quote: The official PlayStation Twitter account posted today that an Azure Blue PS3 250GB model will launch in North America in October and retail for $249.99.

    This PS3 model will be exclusively available at GameStop stores nationwide.

    According to the official product listing on, the system will release on Oct. 8 and be available for a limited time.

    The Azure Blue PS3 released in Japan with a 250GB HDD, as well. However, the UK was given a 500GB HDD and two DualShock 3 controllers for a slightly higher price.

    Sony Announces Azurite Blue 250GB PS3 Coming in October for $249.99

    Sony Announces Azurite Blue 250GB PS3 Coming in October for $249.99

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    Its always cool and interesting to see these consoles appear in different colors. Most of the time Japan would get multiple colors of most consoles while the US would only get different colors every now and then as part of a game's promotion.

    Unfortunately in my opinion, with the PS4 coming in November I don't foresee this Azurite Blue PS3 selling that much this October.

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    Come on Sony, there's no point in making more PS3's unless there's more added features. Right now practically every PlayStation4 is sold out, guarantee at least 40% have paid the full price, Sony is making a LOT of money by now. I'll always be a Sony fan and there's nothing that'll change my faith in them.

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