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    Sony Announces 12 Deals of Christmas on PlayStation Network

    Today Andy Stewart of the Playstation Store Team has announced the 12 deals of Christmas on PlayStation Network with details below!

    To quote: With Christmas just around the corner, 'tis the season to be jolly! And now you have 12 extra special reasons to be jolly as the 12 Deals of Christmas come to PlayStation Store.

    During the month of December - up until Christmas Day - PlayStation Store will feature 12 amazing deals for you to unwrap. However, each deal will only be available to redeem from PlayStation Store for 48 hours, before - like Santa on Christmas morning - it vanishes...

    Each of the 12 Deals of Christmas will start and stop at 12:00pm (GMT) on the following dates:

    • Christmas Deal 1 - 1st to 3rd December
    • Christmas Deal 2 - 3rd to 5th December
    • Christmas Deal 3 - 5th to 7th December
    • Christmas Deal 4 - 7th to 9th December
    • Christmas Deal 5 - 9th to 11th December
    • Christmas Deal 6 - 11th to 13th December
    • Christmas Deal 7 - 13th to 15th December
    • Christmas Deal 8 - 15th to 17th December
    • Christmas Deal 9 - 17th to 19th December
    • Christmas Deal 10 - 19th to 21st December
    • Christmas Deal 11 - 21st to 23rd December
    • Christmas Deal 12 - 23rd to 25th December

    So don't miss out on some great one time offers - take a sleigh ride over to PlayStation Store for the 12 Deals of Christmas.

    Sony Announces 12 Deals of Christmas on PlayStation Network

    Sony Announces 12 Deals of Christmas on PlayStation Network

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    So from what I understand, instead of giving us free stuff for Christmas, we're getting discounted purchases from the PSN store. Well done sony, I always wanted a $5 discount from the PSN store for Christmas.

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    Agreed HeyManHRU, its that or it will be deals for titles or things I have no interest buying.

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    LOL heyman.. i agree

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    Always complaining about anything. If they give some games for free, there are complaints about those FREE (YES FREE!!!, you don't have to pay for them because they are FREE!!!) games. If a discount comes for christmas everybody complains because the discount is low.

    I want to see all of you living in countries where games cost the double or even triple the price you pay for them. And if you don't have interest in buying anything, DON'T BUY IT!!!

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