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Thread: Sony adds YouTube API support to PS3 SDK

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    Sony adds YouTube API support to PS3 SDK

    Japanese Web site ITmedia has revealed that "Sony Computer Entertainment has added support for the YouTube API to the PS3 SDK."

    This apparently means that Devs will be able to make games that allow the uploading of user-created movies to YouTube, all from within the game. Sony say the PS3 is the first games console to have Official YouTube support.

    To quote: According to Japanese website ITmedia, the experiment is being supported globally and is designed to let developers easily integrate YouTube uploading into games made for the system, helping developers onto Sony's user-generated content bandwagon.

    [imglink=|Sony adds YouTube API support to PS3 SDK][/imglink]

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    seems like a cool idea but I think Sony needs to update their so called media player! I want to play some MKV x264 rips! and what about in game xmb? Anyways, this is cool I guess but it is pointless as well. Lets just hope people put this into good use such as in game tutorials.

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