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Thread: Sony Adds Cinavia DRM Protection in as Automatic PS3 Download

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    I noticed this on a downloaded DVDRip movie i played a few weeks ago - on 3.40, and isn't new.. :-(

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    red8316 Guest
    This is awful, just more of what you can't do with a system you own. I stream video via Tversity and haven't had any issues related to this.

    Does this apply to 1:1 movie rips on disc? I wouldn't imaging it would be able to detect rip>re-encodes as they would have a different file size and bit rates.

    I'll try a 1:1 rip later today and see if I get any issues vs re-encode burned to disc.

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    semitope Guest
    I would expect this also only works if you are connected to the net. Doubt they'd have the info ready on the ps3 to test against.

    On the topic.. this is just unacceptable. Sony's obsession with DRM and piracy will bite them later. I already gave my PS3 away (to someone who would have bought one anyway - can you say lost sale?) and I suspect many ppl will just get fed up with the system and how even more closed it might become.

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    nibbler Guest

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    I had this error once, was annoying lol

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    Well there are probably two ways of being able to play your movies freely. First off, this "Cinavia" program must connect to the internet in some way to check the file and its audio.

    So you can do one of two things, rename the movie into random gibberish so the program can't find anything online, or play the file after disconnecting your PS3 from the Internet.

    Or you can just play the audio on your computer with max volume and watch the video on your LCD tv

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    51N15T3R Guest
    Yes I can confirm this DRM has been around before 3.41. The first movie that I saw that took advantage of it was "The Losers". And I tried skipping ahead and it didn't work. The movie plays fine on any DVD player, or possibly any older Blu-ray player (that has not had it's firmware updated), and in your PC it plays fine. Some people say you need to strip the audio from the video and re-mux it to get rid of it, just use a cheap old DVD player and you'll be good

    Oh and it has nothing to do with being connected to the internet or not, the protection is embedded in the audio stream.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    I'm on 3.10 and have been streaming videos (of all kinds) from my PC using PS3MediaServer for years - hardly ever have any problems - if i do, they're usually because they need transcoding (PC isn't up to the challenge) - never seen these error messages.

    Maybe it's because it's being streamed? Does this DRM only apply to files played directly on the PS3? or just to burned disks or something?

    If i started getting errors like this, i'd have to resort to just playing games on my PS3! (I hardly ever use it for that at the moment, although i do have a good collection gathering dust!!)

    All those broken promises from sony...

    p.s. Was actually tempted to update to 3.41 the other day, same day as the HDD bug news was posted - gee i'm glad i didn't loose Linux and my PS3!

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    freakracer Guest


    Crap this just happened to me while watchin the losers on blu ray. Isn't this illegal? I like to make legal backups of my movies so that I can take them on the road with me. I'm not payin extra for some sorry digital copy version that's lower than dvd quality. I like my action movies to have a bang. Now I can't even watch the Losers on my ps3 anymore without having to take the original with me. Kinda bull crap is this?

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    jul644 Guest
    this has been since 3.10, the first widespread movie to be affected by this was an english Cam of Robin hood followed by the loser r5 rip with line audio its been in alot of movies lately.

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    spark32 Guest
    I have like 30 movies on my PS3. I have watched all of them since 3.10, and have never been stopped by it.

    I also have every episode of How I Met Your Mother on my PS3. I'm on season 4, and haven't been stopped yet.

    As long as cinavia doesn't update their database, I'll be fine.

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