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Thread: Sony Addresses PS3 Circumvention Devices, Piracy and PSN Bans

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    freeman727 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zentsuken View Post
    Seems like everyone is getting them at the same time, but I wonder if there is a delay with these Sony e-mails?
    I have not received the email and I've been using the PS3DNS.exe and Charles Proxy hack. I think I'm going to go offline with the PS3 until we know a little more.

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    Jes03 Guest
    So they are banning everyone that's been on PSN with a jailbreak or CFW?

    So if you do upgrade to OFW it will still be banned? $ony's loss as they can no longer make money on second hand consoles as there is a chance it would've been banned. That's why nobody buys second hand 360s

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    monstermm Guest
    Got the email. Using 3.55 CFW Never used a PSN hack or played online, (altough PSN was signed in) Used Snes emulator
    Multiman to back up one of my games and played offline.

    Going to restore 3.55 OFW then plug my ps3 back into my net and see if I'm banned. Hopefully just a warning.. But damn i loved playing old snes games

    Can anyone confirm that they are sending this email out to everyone with a CFW, or just people who copied ps3 games.

    By the way, who has a link for 3.55 OFW lol?

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    enri69 Guest
    I received it too. But from what I see it's just a advising email send to anyone who has an PSN account, just to be sure they are letting us know what's happening. Tsampiras who is on OFW 3.56 got it too so...

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    heartagram62 Guest
    And so they should! Come on $ony, keep swinging that banhammer. You broke the terms of service, now deal with the consequences! Leave the PSN for the honest users.

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    crazelunatic Guest
    I was using the proxy method on wtz/geohot firmware for several days and re downloaded things i had purchased and purchased new stuff from the ps store and even played RE5 w/o a problem. If i remember the article correctly I think people who are getting banned have a physical dongle in one of their usb ports...

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    Denida Guest
    Sounds like Sony is emailing those they have "flagged" to being banned...

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    gb14929 Guest

    No email

    As the title suggests, as yet I have NOT received any emails. I have 2 PS3's, one legit online the other with CFW and never ever goes online.

    If they were sending the emails to everyone, I'm sure I would have heard by now. Will keep you all updated if the situation changes.


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    barrybarryk Guest
    yeah but he was probably flagged in the past. think it's just an advising email if you like but I think anyone thats been connected to psn with homebrew on their ps3 will be getting banned if its not deleted. could even be what the mystery code was for during psn login in 3.56 to check a drive tree for flagged files.

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    Fusseltuch Guest
    I haven't been on PSN for weeks now, just had the console in my LAN with NO PSN Account used with cfw and also got the e-mail warning from sony. Sounds like a BIG ban hammer to me... -.-'

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