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Thread: Sony Addresses PS3 Circumvention Devices, Piracy and PSN Bans

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    freeman727 Guest
    How would Sony know if I am running a hacked system? For example, I'll run Original Disc when playing over PSN but off MultiMan when running games for offline play. I do not pirate games (maybe other files) but definitely not games. My purpose for Multiman is prevent unnecessary use of the BR laser.

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    msr Guest
    freeman i doubt sony will see it that way.

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    metalheavy Guest
    I have never used PSN in the first place so it's not a big deal. Plus a team of ours is working on a totally better method for those 3.55 users to get off Sony's networks and play on "other" ones. Release should be in the near future the way the project has gone so far. So up yours Sony! Keep your PSN!

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    barrybarryk Guest
    A bit weird this news came about at more or less the same time as this:
    A well known hacker i don’t want to reveal here had all the Sony PlayStation Network functions 100% decrypted as well as providing some nice info about how Sony dealing with PSN members privacy in their online servers.

    Apparently, Sony server gathered everything they can from the PSN connected PS3 console. When i said everything, i meant it. Here, i make all the list of what they squeezed from the IRC chat logs conversation between the hackers.
    • Sony monitors all messages over PSN.
    • All connected devices return values sent to Sony server returns TV, Firmware version, Firmware type, Console model
    • They also collects data in your USB attached device.
    • Credit card sent as plain text, example:
      creditCard.paymentMethodId=VISA&creditCard.holderName=Max&creditCard.cardNumber=4558254723658741&creditCard.expireYear=2012&creditCard.expireMonth=2&creditCard.securityCode=214&creditCard.address.address1=example street%2024%20&
    • The best part of all, the list is stored online and updated when u login PSN and random.

    But, that’s not all, with the PSN functions fully decrypted, this hacker can use the function to get all games, DLC, you name it, from PSN store without paying anything.

    Wow, i am just speechless! We can really sue Sony for monitoring ALL data including our credit card info providing that we are connected to PSN, of course. Man, that is really big fail, as well as the PSN fail oh and the PS3 fail. Everything just FAIL, Sony!
    Glad to hear someone's working on an alternative to PSN though, it's the only real solution. If you need a hand with the backend MetalHeavy I'd love to help, my OOP fu isn't what it used to be but I'm a dab had at MSSQL and Sybase so if you have any problems with the db backend give me a shout.

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    shummyr Guest
    Here we go again, Its just like any other corperation that this stuff happens to they issue the warnings are issued and sometimes stuff is done and what not, but it is too little too late.

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    rsa84 Guest
    So they see you have the cfw or jailbreak and still give you time to remove it? it seems more to scare than anyting else...but might be true anyway i don't use cfw online don't care that mutch

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    superste2201 Guest
    You will still get banned.

    Sony is, however, giving you a chance. Go back to offical firmware and you will be ok.

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    jedaking Guest
    yes yes but i read some time ago, that someone had a network game server going for so people could play with eachother on a privat network.. what happend to this?? ooh and wee have our own homebrew psn.. why do we need sony's PSN when we can make our own.

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    IHM Guest
    Oh bugger, i used fckpsn last night, signed in once, i'm sure hell not gonna sign in to see if i am banned lol.

    If we remove the modified .cert file, and return to normal, console should ask to update?, or you only get this message with fck psn stuff?

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    Apr 2005
    I have now merged the other threads into this one, and +Rep to both DaedalusMinion and condorstrike for also submitting the news.

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