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Thread: Sony Acknowledges Fat Princess Online Issues, Working on Fix

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    jakouka Guest

    Sony Acknowledges Fat Princess Online Issues, Working on Fix

    Sony acknowledged that Fat Princess has been having somewhat of a rocky start, complete with lag and random connection issues.

    The problem isn't effecting all users, though its been widespread enough to warrant a response from Sony.

    To quote: "We are aware that some customers are experiencing connection issues and are working to address this [as soon as possible]," a Sony representative told G4. "If there are lag issues during a game, there will be a snail image in the lower left corner. It is advised that if this snail appears for more than 30 seconds, the player should try another game."

    I've personally put a good number of hours into Fat Princess and have had zero issues with the game - which is actually a change from most PlayStation 3 games. I usually have trouble connecting to any matches on the PlayStation 3, period (used to be NAT 3, changed that, but problem has still persisted).

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    loadstone007 Guest
    My PS3 runs online games like Fat Princess without a hitch. You have a problem with your internet connection/network, settings or set-up?

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    red8316 Guest
    I was playing this about two nights ago. The game was going well online in a quick join match and it lost connection to the host. Then it would "time out" trying to quick connect to another game or it would not show the list of available games to join. PS3 is connected via ethernet, no p2p downloads going on, and the connection was fine that night to the ISP. Tried the next day everything seemed fine.

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    Ice cold Guest

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    This game is really fun.. no porblems here though, just having fun.

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    zeroryu Guest
    I played it last time just fine, with about 20 bots, then suddenly they claimed that my connection can only handle 6 people wth...

    please fix this asap. I love the game.

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