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    Sony: 2008 will be a big year for PSN in many ways

    Eric Lempel of Sony has recently been discussing the progress of the Playstation Network. Lempel notes that while the team is happy with what they have achieved during their first year, they are by no means going to stop merely with what we see today.

    He remarks that the great thing about the PSN is they have the capability to alter and upgrade the service to meet the demands of users and concludes that 2008 will be a big year in general for the network.

    To quote: "While we are happy with what we've accomplished during our first year, we're by no means going to stop with what you see today. We have a long-term strategy for the service and there are still a good amount of features we haven't delivered. The great thing about the PlayStation Network is that we have the ability to make changes and upgrade the service to meet the demands of our users.

    "I recognize that there are a few features that PS3 users have asked for that we haven't delivered yet... We have a lot of features in different stages of development that I think our users will be very excited about.

    "I know that an achievement system is very important to our consumers. With Home, and in addition to Home, we have some very exciting programs planned to recognize our consumers gaming skills and loyalty in new ways that go well beyond a single score."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    yespi Guest
    well, if we get Play TV and Home in the next months, i'm sure we can wait another 6 months without running backups :-p

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    fuqi Guest
    yes, home will be great. cant wait for it

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    ongi4444 Guest
    But for the tv what have to take for the ps3 a tv tuner or what ?

    i have a pc monitor Eizo for my ps3

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    cc2000 Guest
    Can't wait to get HOME.

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    moneyslap03 Guest
    i wish home was here already

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    naveen123 Guest
    yes, home will be great.

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