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    Sony: 1M PS3s in Japan, GTHD Downloaded 300K

    [IMGW][/IMGW]Forgive us for being a little confused. Last week, Enterbrain announced that, based on collected data for 2006, Sony only managed to sell 466,716 PlayStation 3 units before the end of the year. Yet, just 16 days after those numbers became finalized, Sony's told the Japanese press they've shipped more than 1 million machines in their home country. Fuzzy math, or did Sony find a way to pick up the pace?

    Reaching 1 million in Japan means the company has finally achieved their year-end goal of 2 million units worldwide a little over two weeks after its deadline. Speaking to Kyodo News, Sony said they're still maintaining worldwide shipment goals of 6 million by the end of March. Additionally, US and Japan combined, more than 5 million units of software have been reportedly shipped.

    In other positive news, Gran Turismo HD has proved an unmitigated success on the PlayStation Network, having been downloaded more than 300,000 times in the first 20 days of availability. It probably helps Gran Turismo HD is completely free -- we'd be curious to see how that number would have changed had a $4.99 price tag been slapped on.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    I'd have downloaded gthd, even for a cost
    I think its quite good to be honest, though far far too short. Can't wait for gt5

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