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    Some PS3 Observations and News...

    Update #2: The official PS3 USA v1.11 Firmware Update is now available online, and the changelog only states: [ Account management ] was added. However, many have already reported that the Web browser speed has also appeared to increase in this revision as well!

    Update: Isamu966 just let us know in the PS3 Chat Forum that PS3 Firmware v1.11 is now available to download through the PS3's Update menu item. No official word yet on what the changes are for v1.11, but check our New PS3 firmware 1.11 available! thread for the latest scoop!

    Last night CJPC was doing some simple experimentation on his PS3 and here are a few interesting (but most-likely useless) things he discovered:

    As pictured at the right, you can edit/customize the ICON0.PNG and PARAM.SFO file to whatever picture and text you wish. This is done via any Paint application and WinHex via Windows, and then just transfer the files (they should be in a directory something like ps3\savedata\BCUS98107_PROFILE) to the root of a USB jumpdrive or similar device and plug it into your PS3 to view them through the PS3 Saved Data Utility.

    CJPC also was able to successfully download and install some data from the official PLAYSTATION Store by grabbing the URLs using a common Network Sniffer. For those interested, the files are contained in a PKG format file (likely encrypted) and the PS3 unpacks and installs it in realtime. The Store link is but it is not yet available (you'll receive an error at this time if you try to login to access it that way).

    Next up, in PS3 iSO news Jurai has let us know in iRC EFNet #PS3News of a new release today, specificially has made available their Yellow Dog Linux 5.0- optimized for PS3. The image name is yellowdog-5.0-phoenix-20061127-PS3.iso (3.3GB in size), and for those interested the image MD5 hash is: bdf212ff7e022c41c06fb3a574fb0d1d. For those interested, a nice PDF Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 Installation Guide For PS3 is available from our Homebrew PS3 Utilities section. The software itself is now available for a pricetag of $90 (which includes a 6 month subscription to their on-line service) directly from, or completely free from them if you don't mind waiting a month to get it. Of course most will likely find it on their favorite P2P network within the next few days we suspect.

    In other PS3 news today, similar to the previous AdvanceMAME .106 Binary For PS3 release a SCUMMVM v0.9.1 Binary For PS3 is now available for download. For those who don't know, ScummVM is an implementation of the SCUMM (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) engine used in various Lucas Arts games such as Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle.

    In PSP news today, suloku has shared with us a 2.71 Kernel AutoBoot Plug-In PRX Mod For 2.71 SE-C For PSP today. This basically allows users to auto-boot into a 271 kernel application instead of a 1.5 kernel one for those wondering.

    TheGame1594 released a Justice League Heroes (USA) 754MB PSP RipKit today for those interested.

    We also received some PSP Evolve Face Plate Kits from over the weekend. Those interested can check them out as follows for only $14.99 each: PSP Evolve Clear Face Plate Kit, PSP Evolve Cow Fur Face Plate Kit, and PSP Evolve Leopard Fur Face Plate Kit. If time permits, we will post a review on them soon courtesy of one of our PS3News Staffers.

    Finally, some belated Wii news today... apparently the Virtual Console has been circumvented, and Stryker has released a F-Zero SNES VC Wii (Google, we don't allow these files here) saved channel. Cool news for Wii owners indeed, and please use our Wii Virtual Console Saved Channels thread! in the Wii / NDS / GameCube Chat Forum for related discussion. Props to eternal for smacking us in the back of the head with this news... hopefully other Members can help keep the News Posters up to date on further Wii developments from now on- enjoy! :??
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