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Thread: Some more secret PSN friend names revealed

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    Some more secret PSN friend names revealed

    Last week it was revealed that if you tried to add Hideo Kojima on PSN, the name turned into Old Snake.

    And now two more 'secret names' have been found, the first is hal_emmerich which turns into Tiagra and the second is Rosemary which turns into Queen.

    To quote: In a news story last week we told you about that guy on YouTube who discovered that if you send a PSN friend request to Hideo Kojima the name turns into Old Snake.

    Just discovered early this morning by our own Bonemantour are two other names which also change into something interesting.

    If you want to try to send them friend requests you'd better hurry. Hideo Kojima's PSN friend list filled up within minutes of the breaking news story. The names are, hal_emmerich which turns into Tiagra, and rosemary, which turns into Queen. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I debunked this in the comments of the previous post.

    If you setup a Japan account just go into edit profile and you can change your screen name to say "Old Snake" as well. In your friends list my account appears as "Raiden" and that is not my actual PSN name.

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    Yup and if you put in jack_tretton you get HOME BETA. Its all really great fun though.

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