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    Lightbulb Some Ideas for a better PS3

    Hello everyone,

    Here are my thoughts on what they should have in the PS3.

    First off, they are going to have (so I think) the in game XMB, or at least Music controls. This is a must have thing because users can listen to their favorite tracks on a game without their prefered music, or music that isn't even singing (games like WWII shooters no vocals).

    Second, an improved "Seen Online". I see people all the damn time, and my games never add the users I see to that section, so if I see someone I ever wanted to contact, I have to write their name down for later.

    PS1/PS2 Game support for 40 GB. I have the 40 GB Model, and it sucks I can't play my PS2 games on it. This was the only model out of the 4 that doesn't support backwards compatibility.
    I'm sure that this could be done via Firmware update for the 40 GB Models.

    Better Internet Browser. Lot's of times I can't view Flash Content, which is really annoying sometimes. Also, lots of the screen get cut off, and it just seems to cluttered, like a really low resolution or something.

    Support for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and more! I know this is a stretch, but it would be great to talk to your friends while on your PS3. And if not integrated into the PS3 XMB, at least have a Website where you can log into. Because none of them work for me except and even that doesn't work right.

    And the last thing I can think of would be is password protection for the PS3 Users. Lots of times my sister would try to get on my PS3. If they had a Password protection for the users, she wouldn't be able to get on lol.

    Well that's all, I just wanted to tell everyone what I feel would be some cool features for the PS3.
    If you have any comments about my ideas, or want to post your own, please do so. I would love to hear what you guys think should be included on the PS3.

    Thanks for reading,


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    Yea definitely the in game XMB and in game music control. They should add picture upload from PlayStation EYE pics from PS3 to MySpace, Facebook, etc. too.

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    I might be mistaken (so correct me if im wrong) but dont they already have passwords for users. If i remember i think u press triangle on the user you want to have a password and then set it.

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    Skype and online radio

    I think Skype is required to connect to people who don't have a PS3, and Internet radio also would be nice!

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    They really need to remove region restrictions on the PS2 compatible systems. Some of my PS2 games are from a different region, and I'd love to be able to play them through my PS3.

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    i thought that they are making an in game xmb for a future firmware but they definetly should of had it ready for the first releases.

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    I agree the web browser needs some work. Everything else on the PS3 looks nice and polished but the web browser looks like a remanent from Red Hat 5.

    The feature I would most like to see involves the memory card adapter. You can transfer an entire psx memory card to the PS3 but to move the files back to the memory card, you need to transfer each slot individually. I know its small but it is annoying and error prone.

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