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    Some HDD questions

    I have a question, I want to buy ton of items for my games like upcoming COD4 maps and Ao2 stuff and so on or Tekken 5 DR online, I Know that you can download 5 times at least tekken 5 DR, but if its possible when I upgrade my hard drive from 60gb to Xgb.. so here is the question can I transfer everything from the 60gb to xgb ? and it will work ?

    and 1 more question what about what is the largest/best quality SATA HDD ? 500gb I assume

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    500 gb is the max. you have to backup everything to a memory stick or external hard drive before swapping drives though.

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    but can you backup PSN games?

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    You can backup psn games, but they will only be playable on the same console they were purchased on (i believe not 100%). I do no that they will be locked to the PSN ID that they were purchased with, so wether it is on your original console or a different one, it will need to be with the same sign in name.

    As for the OP, PSN games can be downloaded an infinite number of times to the console they were purchased on,(with the exception of warhwak I believe) but can only be downloaded to a maximum of 4 different consoles (5 inculding yours). Thats for all those "other" ps3's you own...

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    Yes if you want to play downloaded games that you have already purchased on another console.

    You are officially allowed to share the downloads on upto 5 other active PS3s. Free games you can ofcause download on any unit and downloaded items I think work the same as 'pay for' Games. With the exceptions of expensive games like Warkhawk and GT5 Prologue you can do this with every game as far as I know.

    To share them with another console you need to sign in on that unit with the Playstation account that purchased them initially and download them accordingly. If all the 'owners' of a game (the original purchasers) then the game will not work, so you must keep that account on the PS3.

    The only problem I can think with this is if you buy a game say Flow for example and want to share it with a friend; so you sign-in on their console and download Flow. Say some time after, you download Super-Rub-A-Dub but don't want to share it with the same person who you shared flow with.
    Either (a) they download it anyway by logging in on your account. Or (b) you ask them to delete the account in which case they won't be able able to play Flow so atleast one of you is going to lose out.

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    thank for the replies, now I can buy my psn games!

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