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Thread: The Solution to PlayStation 3 HDD Install Times?

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    Starlight Guest

    The Solution to PlayStation 3 HDD Install Times?

    The PS3 has mandatory game HDD installs. No surprises there right? Since the beginning of the console gamers have complained that the PS3 has forced them to abandon the former gamer ritual and buy, unpack and play, adding the additional and sometimes painful step of WAIT between savage unpack (ripping off shrinkwrap is always fun) and the satisfying play.

    Some installs have hardly taken any time, while others (Devil May Cry 4) feel like an eternity of wait time which creates the sensation of smelling a fresh baked batch of cookie chip cookies (or insert your favorite kind of cookie) that still has time left in the oven.

    The install can be fixed redeemed however. The beauty of it is that the solution has been staring us gamers in the face since day 1 as well. The solution? PSN. I know, I know, youíre wondering how that makes any sense, so without further adieu, here it is.

    Place the install data on PSN.

    Itís so simple that itís brilliant at the same time. If Sony were to place the install data on PSN a week before any game were released, anyone that planned to purchase the game could download the data and install the files prior to owning the game.

    The benefit to gamers is obvious, removing the delay from unpack to play. The benefit to Sony and the Playstation? LESS COMPLAINING. Also obvious in providing a service that fans will enjoy and killing another reason that fanboys and whiners love to complain about.

    While installs may be mandatory (watch out 360 gamers, I still think youíre going to be getting mandatory game installs yourself), the wait doesnít have to be. So how about it Sony/ Can we get some PSN/game install love or what?

    Any other solutions the install debacle? Agree or disagree? Leave it in the comments! More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dakh Guest
    I think the developers can be much smarter in how they do the HDD install. It does NOT take 15 minutes to read 3 or 4 GB from a bluray disk. It takes much less to write it to a hard drive.

    I think they should prepare a hard drive install pack, and just do a flat copy from disc to HDD. That would take 1/10th of the time than whatever method they're currently using. There's plenty of room on a bluray disk, so there's no excuse to not use it.

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    hibone Guest
    What a good idea. I remember the mandatory install on devil may cry. I was sooooo bored waiting. The only thing that would put me off is the size of the download. I've been on virgins watch list before for downloading too much so if i was to download a 4 - 6 gig file I'd get another one of those naughty emails. Ive changed providers now but don't want that again!!

    Could the data be given away free on the front of the official ps3 magazine? You could install it early that way too.

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    doggydawg Guest
    Actually its a great idea ... But considering the size of the download and the connection speeds in other countries , it would probably take us a little over a week to download the whole file ...

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    Subverter Guest
    I seriously doubt that, it takes me no more than 15 min. to download demos over 1gb from Psn and that's using Comcast. Fios is faster than Comcast so it shouldn't take as long. However, with Isps trying to place caps or limits on the amount of data we download a month I would rather prefer waiting for the game release so I could install.

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    xandura Guest
    great idea, though the 360 wont be mandatory since the core version never came with a hard drive.

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    davster78 Guest

    Downloading install files

    Guys, please, I can't believe this. Why would you do such tricks (download installation file, ask Sony to prepare data discs for all readers of the magazines - but how many of them would actually buy the launched games). And more importantly - do you have nothing else to do during those 10-15 minutes of installation? Like taking a dog for a walk, talking to your spouse (or parents if you still live with them) or playing with your kid?

    Worst case - start the installation and have dinner. Finish dinner, enjoy your crispy new game.

    Et, voila - perfect solution (that's how I deal with it at least)

    Heads up guys, life is not about complaining

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    poongravy01 Guest
    yea its not that bad of a wait,but if u put it on psn it would be way better to start ya game as soon as ya get it.good idea

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    nuculoid Guest
    If you're just staring at the installation for 15 mins, then you are probably doing something wrong. There are lots more less boring things to do in life.

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    SurfDrifter Guest
    Something I don't get. If you download the game, woudn't it need to install also. Therefore download+install time>install from BD-ROM?

    What am I missing here?

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