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Thread: SOE Welcomes New DC Universe Online PS3 Beta Testers!

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    SOE Welcomes New DC Universe Online PS3 Beta Testers!

    Sony Online Entertainment Senior Producer Wes Yanagi in Austin has cordially welcomed new DC Universe Online PS3 Beta testers today while outlining some fixes in the works.

    To quote: To all of you who have been participating in our DC Universe Online PS3 Beta, we'd like to welcome you and thank you!

    We've been listening closely to your feedback and we've heard a few of you are running into some technical issues. We want you to know your feedback is valuable and we are implementing fixes as quickly as possible. In the next patch many issues will be resolved.

    Some of the specific issues that we are fixing include numerous changes to improve the user interface, in particular text readability. In addition, we want to make it easier for you to play with your friends! What is an online game without playing with friends? :)

    Social enhancements will make it easier to communicate, play and group with others. Improvements to chat input, frequently used phrases menu, and the ability to use emotes will further convey your personality and mood to the world.

    There are also several adjustments in process that will improve instruction and hint messages within the UI. Plus, we are adding a way for you to quickly access combo sequences, super power information, and buff/debuff information for your character.

    Finally, stability of the game has been greatly improved in the latest version. So, as you can tell there is a lot going on and more to come. Please, keep giving us your feedback and insights, and get ready for a great game play experience - thanks to your feedback!

    The conversation continues in our new DCUO PS3 Forums!

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    SanjiSasuke Guest
    Hope they keep working on text. I can hardly read the red and green in the skill tree, even with the zoom on my TV. Other than that and a few minor (but plentiful) glitches it seems very promising. Can't wait to see people 'emoting' in the most annoying ways physically possible.

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    Rajman Guest
    This beta is well glitched up... I downloaded and when I tried to install I got an error o_0 I tried again immediately and it installed, but all my game icons dissapeared. I turned PS3 off then on and it went to the rebuild database screen, I got scared thinking I'd lose all data, but when it was done everything was back... except every single message got deleted.

    I loaded game and it says free up 1.7GB, I deleted around 2GB. Loaded again and it then asked for 7.7GB more (I havent got that much on my 60GB) o_0 So I deleted it and re-downloaded and installed. And now its asking for 6.7GB lol so I thought eff this beta man, I have 9GB in total free and the game is asking for less yet failing to install. Dissapointed!!!

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