Chris Cao, Creative Director at SOE-Austin, has said that they want DC Universe Online to allow PS3-PC cross-platform play. Chris added that the problem is that when it comes to updating them it is much more troublesome when updating through the PlayStation Network.

To quote: He explained that with PCs, itís easy to have players download enormous files, whereas on consoles, there are different requirements as to how much space the file can take.

Cao also said it was partly a production process issue. To allow for cross-platform play, the company has to make sure to get updates out for both platforms simultaneously.

"We donít want the console guys to get [updates] earlier or later or either way," he said. "And since theyíre two such different systems, we really need to work on our side to make sure that [simultaneous updates] happen.

But I think if anybody is going to do it and make it simultaneously seamless for people, itís going to be us. Itís just that we havenít done it yet, so we donít like to promise what we havenít delivered yet." More PlayStation 3 News...