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    Apr 2005

    SOCOM Confrontation PS3 BETA started already? Indeed it has!

    According to Darkjaksrevenge: there are a number of gamers getting into the SOCOM BETA as of now.

    The admins of the PlayStation forum have received BETA access and some of the MVP's although one of the threads has been taken down.

    However, the ID's that have definitely got in are Patriot24, CronoEX and BEMO-844.

    Some screenshots are below for those interested!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    dustinmyles Guest
    Is this in the U.K. Because I have the download through qore - am in the U.S. - and am unable to download yet! So If anyone could tell me if these are U.K. accounts or not I would greatly appreciate it, thanks in advance!!!!

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    goldenone Guest
    The qore one wont be available in the U.S till the 8th of sep.. if you want it sooner, go pre order it at gamestop and they will give you a voucher for the 1st of sep. http://noc-elite.com/?p=151 thats our site, and it can explain it for you, if not there look on socom.com..Sept. 1st for pre orders and 8th of Sept for qore (episode 1)

    And i must say those guys who got it early, im jealous... lol

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