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Thread: Socom Confrontation 1.50 Update Details, 1.60 Plans Revealed

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    Socom Confrontation 1.50 Update Details, 1.60 Plans Revealed

    The Socom Confrontation Online Team has announced the following news, on both the 1.50 and 1.60 patch updates respectively:

    The 1.50 Update for SOCOM: Confrontation is feature complete and currently in test. Due to the number and scope of the feature set of 1.50 the testing cycle has taken longer than anticipated.

    We remain committed to releasing this patch as soon as the remaining open issues are resolved. It is extremely important to us to make sure the 1.50 update is as problem free as possible when it is released and we are working towards that goal rather than pushing it out as is on a specific date.

    A number of features in 1.50 are of such a scale that it will not be possible for us to fully predict how they will behave before public deployment. An example of this is the tournaments, each of which can accommodate 1000s of players.

    To account for this, we will ramp the size and number of tournaments during the first weeks after release to monitor and address any issues which may arise. We have also been working on a 1.60 Update which will incorporate any fixes that are required as Tournaments and Clan Ladders become fully populated.

    FREE Downloadable Content:

    We are happy to announce that the 1.60 Update will also contain additional features and content. We've heard your requests for new content and we are happy to provide free downloadable content with the 1.60 update. The following free Downloadable Content will be available to all players:

    New Special Forces: The Dutch KCT and the Italian COMSUBIN Special Forces. Each Force includes new heads and voice + a light, medium and heavy variant of their own torso and legs (each with a unique camouflage pattern).

    Two new primary weapons will be immediately accessible to players who select to play as the new Special Forces; the 417 assault rifle for the Dutch KCT and the SPAS 15 shotgun for the Italian COMSUBIN Special Forces.

    Four new weapons will be available to all players regardless of assigned Special Force. These are the 9mm Sub Machine Gun, M82A1A, Ak-74 and SR-25. The 1.60 will also include a number of weapon updates and adjustments to existing weapons.

    In addition to the free DLC included with the 1.60 update we are also working to add 100% Random Medleys in the 1.60 update. We know this is a highly requested feature and we really want to get it out to you.

    More DLC coming! - We can also confirm that we have been working on a major content release/pack. Look for an announcement later in the month.

    We will release more information on Patch 1.6 after 1.5 has been released.

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    sftbdiablo Guest


    finally, what almost all socom players have been waiting for... DLC and the Patch 1.5. at least we are also getting free DLC.

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    Veritech Guest
    Too little, too late in my opinion. As an avid Socom player since Socom 2, this title has disappointed me the most.

    Considering this is an online only title which was slated for limited launch maps with downloadable maps on the way outright disgusts me. At this current time this title has yet to see a decent patch for it's launch flaws, nevermind the promised DLC thats was to drive the success of being an online title.

    This title has been available since fall of last year. Coming into the 3rd Quarter of it's timespan players have yet to see the needed online support that any online only title is based on. Multiple 1player and online games have risen ahead with customer support and DLC, need I mention MGS4 and thats enough said.

    I feel bad for the dedicated players of the title as it is a good game and they deserve a much better experience and much needed good maps. Lets just hope 1.60 doesn't take longer than 1.50 and I'm sure it will.

    Hey at least I got a free Bluetooth out of the deal.

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