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    SNE Offers 180 Days of Q Music Unlimited for Free on PS3

    Sony Network Entertainment Marketing Coordinator Joey Payne has announced today that SNE is now offering 180 Days of Q Music Unlimited for free on the PS3 entertainment system!

    To quote: You are in for a treat: starting today for a limited time, eligible PlayStation 3 owners* can try out a free 180-day Basic subscription of Music Unlimited for free!

    That means that you have 6 months to check out the service and listen to 7 million tracks before you decide to sign up for a full subscription.

    The Basic service offers an ad-free internet radio style experience with access to dozens of music channels by genre, rap, rock, etc., era, 2000s, 1990s, etc. and mood for example energetic, mellow, morning and many more.

    You can personalize the channels by rating played songs as "like" or "dislike" so the music channels become more tailored to your musical preferences.

    By using the MusicSync feature (this can only be used via the Q Music Unlimited PC interface) you do not have to go through the lengthy process of uploading your songs to the cloud which you have to do on other services.

    To access the 180 day Basic Service free trial, log on to your PlayStation 3 system and click on the Music Unlimited service below the Music icon. Once the application has downloaded, follow the sign up instructions.

    Don't forget, you can now enjoy Q Music Unlimited on the go thru Sony Ericsson's Android-based mobile devices (e.g. Experia Arc and Experia PLAY) as well as on Android-based third party devices.

    Just visit the Android Marketplace to download the app and access your music anytime, anywhere.

    Hope you enjoy!

    180 day free trial available if:

    - You are 18 or over
    - You own a PlayStation 3 system
    - You do not currently hold or have not previously held a Music - Unlimited subscription to the premium or basic plan
    - You are in a supported country/region (UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand)

    Note: you will not be able to take advantage of the 180-day Subscription Free Trial on PS3 if you purchase other subscriptions.

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    Chivafighter Guest
    They only offer 30 seconds of each song clip.. its a lame service to have for 180 days. I personally don't like the layout either. Too good to be true...

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Can anyone point me to the direct install file download (NOT the market page) or re-upload the install file somewhere (preferably from UK market) and post the link here? Any help would be much appreciated!

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