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    Smooth Jarvis Character and New Moves Introduced in PAIN

    Today SCEA's Director of Network Advertising David Winding has introduced a new "Smooth Jarvis" character and some new moves in PAIN for PlayStation 3.

    To quote: Starting today Sony Computer Entertainment America and AXE will be introducing the first ever AXE-branded virtual video game character in the form of "Smooth Jarvis."

    Smooth Jarvis will come enabled with two Double Pits to Chesty (DPTC) themed moves that mimic the signature motions involved in applying AXE deodorant bodyspray for men. You've seen the moves before-under both arm pits and across the chest - now here's your chance to use them to your advantage.

    Combine these moves successfully with any of the eight original standard PAIN moves and not only will you earn classic points and trophies, you'll also rack up some bonus points to help take that final score to the next level!

    The fun won't end there though. Keep practicing those moves because it may just earn you bragging rights for your favorite combo as part of a four-week PAIN contest. Players will be able to use PAIN's in-game video capture feature to capture and post your favorite combination to your YouTube account, putting you in the running to win a host of cool prizes.

    Contestants with the best moves have the chance to win prizes that range from a one-of-a-kind custom "Smooth Jarvis" collectible character action figure to a brand new 42" Sony HDTV to enjoy PAIN and other favorite PS3 games on. Contest starts September 1st and runs through September 30th.

    Keep an eye out here and in the game for more details on how you can use the Double Pits to Chesty move to score more than just a fresh scent and the attention of the people around you!

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    semitope Guest
    I need a hdtv so badly . Going to try entering this but i know i have the creativity of a door.

    Not really related to this but i read this on the ps blog and decided to fire up PAIN. Went into various options and noticed that there is a massive portion of the game that has to be bought even after buying the actual game. Its just crazy really, game modes, characters etc etc. Its like a fricking subcription service and not a game purchase.

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    Twinkle Tits Guest
    I really don't know why Sony is putting so much time & money in this pile of steaming crap, came free with my ps3 bundle... had I only known I would have waited for a better bundle !

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