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    A slimmer PS3: Why are we not surprised?


    "In a statement from its Japan press office, Sony confirmed that smaller chips for the PlayStation 3 are already in the works and should be out by late 2008 to early 2009.

    It was also revealed that current KYEC 90nm chips will most likely be halved in size, paving the way for a sleeker version of the console.

    It must be noted that the PS3 still hasn't debuted in Europe at the time when word got out that the slimmer PS3 is on the way. The development, though, comes to nobody's surprise as the console's predecessors, the PSX and the PS2, also underwent tremendous size reductions.

    Fans are hoping that the slim version doesn't carry the same heat issues that came along with the shrinkage which plagued PS2 users who reside in warmer and more humid areas.

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    Neither am I surprised after reading this. I knew all along that they were going to release a smaller version sooner or later. Its part of their business strategy it seems, to keep the console on the market whilst they try and get the PS4 manufactured. I believe from my GCSE Business Studies, this is called its extension strategy, which takes place after the product is in its decline stage. Lets see if they think of any better ideas than this one...

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