EA's Skate, one of our favorite games of E3, will be hitting stores in North America next month, but the two versions will not ship simultaneously. Skate for the Xbox 360 is set to ship on September 12th (the 14th in Europe), while the PlayStation 3 iteration will follow nearly two weeks later on September 24th (October 5th in Europe).

On the more immediate horizon is an Xbox 360 demo, which is currently scheduled to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace on August 15th. Tutorials included in the demo will teach players how to use the innovative analog-based Flickit controls, while various gameplay challenges and the Skate. Reel video capture feature will also appear.

Until the demo drops, check out our hands-on preview of Skate from E3, in which we call the game "realistic and rewarding in all the right ways."

Thanks to 1UP.com for sharing the news with us!