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    PS3 Square Button Sixaxis Tilt 'Rubbish' Says Sega Racing Studio Head

    [IMGW][/IMGW]Hideo Kojima isn't the only developer who has lamented over Sixaxis not including rumble support. In an interview with European magazine PSM3, Guy Wilday, the head of Sega's recently formed Sega Racing Studio and the man directing Sega Rally Revo, admitted tilt support wasn't difficult to include, but shrugged at its usefulness.
    "Tilt control's not difficult to do. Fundamentally, though, the whole tilt control thing is rubbish. It's no compensation for rumble."

    Will Sony eventually back down and release a rumble-compatible controller?

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    I don't care about SixAxis, but I REALLY don't care about rumble. I always turn it off (I use a Logitech Wireless for PS2) and don't miss it a bit. I fail to see the reason behind all the hub-bub.

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    I think rumble is stupid as well, but I agree about the force feedback. I use the tilt controller on Motorstorm Demo, and Blazing Angels, but I hate it on RR7...i guess it depends on the game a bit.

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    SIXAXIS could be great if it's implemented well. i think it has more potential than rumble offered

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    Rumble in general is overrated. When Star Fox 64 was around, it was awesome, but now its just the same rumble over and over again. They should update the rumble technology and add something that makes the controller heavier when you're in combat with someone, or lighter if you jump in the air.

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    I would trade the wireless and the sixaxis for the rumble. I really miss it!!! I think removing the rumble was a mistake from Sony. I'm thinking about buying a XBOX 360 and selling the PS3 because the 360 does have the rumble!!!

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    Arguing over which controller (Xbox or PS2) has the better rumble is stupid. They're exactly the same and you're an idiot if you think differently. The only real difference is that Microsoft pays royalties to Immersion and Sony doesn't. The bottom line is that rumble/motion doesn't matter since it's the quality of the games that matter. As long as Sony keeps its big exclusives, the SIXAXIS will be a success.

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