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Thread: SingStar PlayStation Home Space Leaked and Pulled by SCE UK

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    SingStar PlayStation Home Space Leaked and Pulled by SCE UK

    Earlier today SCE UK had a article (now removed) on the upcoming Singstar Home Space.

    After it made its way to the social gaming network N4G and several Web sites, it was pulled from their server... likely because it was posted prematurely.

    At the European PlayStation Forum kingofscotland took notice, and this is all that currently remains along with the pics below:

    "Dance the Night Away in Playstation Home: It's always Saturday night in The SingStar Rooms - a brand new party space in PlayStation Home.

    You can get to The SingStar Rooms from the PlayStation Home World Map; grab your best outfit and head over to where the Home community goes to party."

    The Space, which will be themed around SingStar, will feature a music quiz (with prizes for your Home avatar) and, naturally, music.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    bribri2307 Guest
    why can't we get that room for the us, hey better yet bring the buzz room back already.

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