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Thread: SingStar patch enables PS3 Disc-Swapping, but not PS2 yet

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    SingStar patch enables PS3 Disc-Swapping, but not PS2 yet

    A patch went out for SingStar a few hours ago which allows users of the popular music game to swap discs to access the content from other SingStar titles.

    However, this patch will only enable PS3 game discs to be swapped -- not PS2 games. (We're assuming that PS2 functionality will come at a later point.) For Americans that doesn't mean much, as SingStar Volume 2 won't be available until next month.

    We tested the new functionality with an early preview version of SingStar Vol. 2 and it works just as you'd expect. When you're in the song carousel, hit SELECT and you'll be able to insert a new disc. Placing SingStar in the drive brings back ye old song list. Placing a PS2 disc in the drive will simply result in an error message.

    We're eagerly awaiting the eventual patch will allow PS2 games to be used in the PS3 SingStar games. That's exactly how we'd like to enjoy games like the PS2-exclusive SingStar Country. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    ddsdavey Guest
    Hmm, is there a chance we can use this "patch" for our own "disc swap" ambitions?

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    gtxboyracer Guest
    Since it doesnt drop out of the SingStar game, i'd assume not - but who knows.. they could leave an exploit in it.. :-/

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