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    Silent Hill V Showing soon? 3 more new Screenshots out!

    Even more Silent Hill V screenshots have been released today, and again they are from the demo which 1UP was first shown in October last year.

    To release them after such a long gap between the showing of the demo (the gameplay videos) and now release a huge load of media in that area means we might finally get something new in video form!

    E3 is a while off, but I certainly expect to see Silent Hill V there this year.

    Silent Hill V Showing soon? 3 more new Screenshots out!

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    This game really creeped me out at night. I hope they are able to make it atleast as nervewracking as the older ones.

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    well, the movie was ok, but the first game was a crap

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    Silent hill was the first game that i like becoming a movie. i never played a silent hill game before but now whent V released i am gonna have it!

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    Silent Hill is different from resident evil, it is a psicological horror and the puzzle are more difficult. However silent hill the room e silent hill origins per psp (recently also on ps2 i think) are more similar to resident evil.

    let's say that resident evil and silent hill series are different.

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