SCEE Home Community Lead Alex Weekes has shared this weeks EU PlayStation Home updates today, as follows:

The Robo Goalie returns this week to PlayStation Home, and he refuses to admit summer is over!

Where better to keep the summer alive than on your very own SFRGBT!! Tropical Island personal space - available from Estates for €4.99 or 3.99. The SFRGBT!!

Tropical Island comes complete with the updated Supa-Fun Robo-Goalie Beach Time!! game. Robo Goalie returns with a kit bag stuffed full of new goodies, and he's giving them away to those with the skill to score the most consecutive goals.

Play in your island apartment to earn 4 new rewards, or play the version in the Shopping Centre where you can pick up 9 rewards - the most challenging being the apartment itself (if you've not bought it from Estates)!

Big changes are coming to the Shopping Centre this week. Due to there being more demand for store space than we had supply, our builders have been hard at work expanding the Shopping Centre with a second area. Join us this week for the grand opening of several new stores!

The new stores arriving this week are Billabong, Lockwood, nDreams and LucasArts. These newest stores bring all of your favourite content together in easy-to-find locations. Billabong and Lockwood open with new content as well!

Check out the Billabong store first, where you'll find a fantastic new range of clothing. Ladies, you'll find the Late Night Fleece hoodie (in three colours) and two new dress styles: the Cosmia dress in red, blue or black, and the Lucy dress in blue or red. For the guys there's shirts, hoodies, hats, boardshorts, and finally a wetsuit. Enjoy surfing? Take a look at the Pro Surfboard available to show off in your apartment.

Check out the latest fashions from Lockwood in their new store in the original Shopping Centre. This week there's three new hairstyles each for male and female, so if you've been looking for a new style they just might have the one you're after.

[imglink=|Shopping Centre Renovations & Robo Goalie Hit PlayStation Home][/imglink]
[imglink=|Shopping Centre Renovations & Robo Goalie Hit PlayStation Home][/imglink]
[imglink=|Shopping Centre Renovations & Robo Goalie Hit PlayStation Home][/imglink]
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