Update #2: The official PS3 v1.51 changelog is now available HERE courtesy of a0004uk. In short, under Game it states: "New for 1.51: Support for PLAYSTATION®3 format software titles has been expanded."

In Wii news today, as mentioned in our Past News it's now official- according to WiiKey.cn the Xeno Chip Team have their own Wii drive mod arriving around February 7th, 2007. For those curious, Xeno WiiKey features include: Fully upgradable via DVD/disc (future proof, expect cool features to come), Direct boot of Wii back-ups (like originals), Direct boot of GC back-ups (like originals), Boots different region GC games/back-ups, Boots different NTSC region Wii games/back-ups, Supports multi-disc games, Supports DVD-R and DVD+R, Built-in audio fix (for games using streaming, no patch required), Stealth mode, 4 wires & quick solder interface, Compact design, best quality components, rock solid high speed controller, and Professional ESD packing. Please use our ongoing XenoGC developers making XenoWii chip?! Forum thread for related discussion, and here is a WiiKey Logo picture along with the Design Illustration.

Update: $ony has just released PS3 Firmware v1.51 (USA) for those interested! It may resolve the issues with playback of DVD & Blu-ray Titles some have experienced, however, when we receive a definitive changelog we'll update the Site News accordingly. Props to FuzzyPredator for the initial news, and please post your own feedback in our Sony releases 1.51 for PS3! Forum thread.

Today we received word from the BRDGen Team (who also mirrored the news on the UMDGen site) of their new SFO-Edit v1.0 utility release which includes both PS3 and PSP support. To quote from the ReadMe file:
This is a simple tool to open, edit, and save both PS3 and PSP PARAM.SFO files. To use it, just select Open and browse to your SFO file and then to edit double-click on the line you wish to change.

Note: You can only change numerical fields with numbers, etc.
In Wii news, Rampage_Total_Destruction_USA_WII-SYNDiCATE and SD_Gundam_Scad_Hammers_JPN_Wii-DMZ are both released today for those keeping track.

Other PSP releases today include: CWCheat v0.1.6 Rev H (Official) For 3.03 OE-C POPS For PSP, Metal Slug Anthology (EUR) 397MB PSP RipKit, Paladin v1.2 PAL-To-NTSC Converter For PopStation For PSP, and IceTea v1.1 PSX Converter For PSP.