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    SEGA's Initial D: Extreme Stage PlayStation 3 Exclusive Disappoints

    According to Gamer.tm, SEGA's latest PS3 exclusive Initial D: Extreme Stage which launched in Japan not only looks bad but also plays bad.

    They note that the game looks like little more than a high-res PS2 title, and the game play sucks with "floaty handling and iffy collision detection aplenty."

    To quote: Unfortunately, it seems that SEGA’s usual top form has deserted it on this occasion, as our exclusive screenshot gallery shows.

    Although there are no obvious faults with the game’s graphics, it must be said that - between the flat textures, the lack of detail and the primitive special effects - there’s not a lot right with it, either.

    Indeed, we’d go so far as to say it looks like little more than a high-res PS2 title.

    Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn’t help much either, with ‘floaty’ handling and iffy collision detection aplenty. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kablooey Guest
    Actually this is a port from the arcde version, nothing more nothing less. If the people from Gamer.tm was expecting anything else is their problem. I think.

    The game plays good and the cars handlingis fair too if you think that this cars are made to drift on mountain paths. But I have to admit that it took me some time to get used to the controls. The graphics aren`t bad thinking this one comes from the arcade verison. The story mode is nothing more than go challenging different characters from the series and movies, but the main part of this title (to me) is going online and challenge racers from all over the world (mainly from Japan), customizing your car, your character (yes, you can customize the character you create ) and if you like race to beat the time in the different tracks (always online)

    Well, in resume the game is very good (not excellent), the controls are good too and the graphics could be better. And, of course. in Gamer.tm know nothing at all about this title (and I`m sure that they know nothing about anything) and if they don`t like it go play Need for Speed Pro Street

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