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With the hot news I saw I had to do something! Swap Magic on PS3 running? I thought it was patched, and indeed so, but only on US/Jap consoles.. I tried several swap magic (SM from now), but none worked... and this is becaused it IS patched, on fw 2.10 and up.

So I thought... if they patched a specific title, they seem they haven't patched others... so I found that I can create a bootable PS2 disc and I made one. I added many useful PS2 ELFs (not all useful for now..) but we have what we need. Ok, first the proof and then tutorial:


This method using an original SM disk has been already posted.. but never actully confirmed how or when SM works.. The method with an ORIGINAL SM DISC works only on EUROPEAN PS3s any FW, except 40gb ps3 which cannot run PS2 discs.

My method works along with above, but on ALL PS3's... any region, any FIRMWARE, except 40gb ps3 which cannot run ps2 disks again. AND you can run almost ANY ELF!!!

First lets see what we need:

Please note that only usb port 1 and 2 can be used, and ports 3 and 4 MUST be empty, for the tutorial to work!

- A ps3
- A brain
- A usb mass storage device (good brand) - cards will not work (only with a single adapter-not a multiple one) (psp will work)
- An original SM disk/or have already done the swap disk mod
- An Original Ps2 game of your region-prefer games with high TOC size like devil may cry
- And a blank dvd, and a dvd writer (if you haven't got an original SM disk)

So do you have all that? Let's go!

1) First decompress SEGA-SNES_Emulator_FilePack_For_PS3.rar using WinRAR, and plug in the USB mass storage device on your PC. Make sure that your USB stick is formatted on fat32, and copy all the contents in the folder named "to the USB disk" in the root direcory of your USB stick.

2) If you haven't got a SM disk, open the folder "burn to dvd using dvd decrypter" included in the package, and burn into a dvd using dvd decrypter or nero, the image "uLaunch+sm NTSC and ntscj.nrg" if ur ps3 is a jap/us/hg one, or the "uLaunch+sm PAL" if you have a eur one.

3) Now turn on your ps3, plug the usb stick, and insert your original SM disk. Make sure that you created a ps2 virtual memory card from the xmb. If you haven't SM, insert your high toc ps2 game in the tray, and then swap it with the disk you just burned. Now start the disk.

4) If you haven't a swapmagic go to step 5), else follow this:

As soon as sm boots: press R1 + Up on the Dpad simultaneously and a menu should appear.

Press any direction on the Dpad and then circle to enter Config.

Press circle again at default and then in the new list go down to 'MISC/' and press circle

Go down one to 'FileBrowser' and yes press circle again

Now the old config menu should appear go down to 'Ok' and press cicle

At this point you have to make sure 'FileBrowser' text is gray by using Dpad directions and press circle when it is gray.

Here go down to 'MASS:/' the go down to 'USBD.IRX' and press R1 and then 'Copy' (press circle)

Press triange to go back

Now go to 'mc0:/' and press circle

Press R1 and then go down to 'New Dir' and press circle

Name the new directory BEDATA-SYSTEM then press Ok

Enter the BEDATA-SYSTEM directory now and press R1 again then paste the USBD.IRX file there by chosing 'Paste' in the box

Press triange twice and then the PS button and 'Quit Game'

Now start Swap Magic Again

This time hold up on the dpad and then press L1

This will bring up the choice of emulators Pgen and Snes Station

Choose the one you want by pressing X
There you have it its all done !! (written by lolittle)

You can read the rest for more info! (u will need that)

5) As Playstation 2 animation appears, press the ps buton again on your sixaxis. Ulaunch has been started already ^_^. press any key, and go to Filebrowser (circle), and then swap the disk with your original ps2 disk, and go to cdfs, and seach for a file named usbd.irx. It shouldn't be hard to find, but if you can't find it, search it in another game (i found it on a pal ver. of socom 3).

As soon as you find it, press r1, and copy the file. now go back using triange and get into mc0:/. press r1 and create a new directory named "BEDATA-SYSTEM", enter it, and press r1 and paste usbd.irx in there. Now press the ps button and reset the game. (make sure that you swapped to the ps2 bootable dvd again.

6) Now go ulaunch will boot again, go to cdfs:/ again, and start Swap Magic Coder v3.8.ELF. SM will boot, now go to smboot press X and X again to boot smboot0. PSXloader will boot, and press select to select the right usb driver. F (Pgen) for pgen, and sio usb mass(E)/xsio usb mass(D) for the snes emulator

7) Select your elf, and boot! now you in the emulator! navigate to the roms 'root of you usb stick'/games and PLAY!

Have fun,

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