[email protected] (Site Admin) has posted up that they understand the frustration over Condemned 2 on the PS3 suffering from snapping audio issues.

He comments that neither Sony or SEGA found the problem in the initial production run but SEGA has been working hard to fix the issue and are almost there. So you can look forward to a patch on PSN update relatively soon. To quote:

Hi all,

First off, let me say that we hear you and we understand your frustration. We sincerely regret that this Blu Ray issue affected the detailed and immersive game experience that Condemned 2 offers, and that neither we nor Sony caught the problem in the initial production run.

Second, the SEGA/Monolith team has been working hard to resolve it, and we are *almost* there. A title update that fixes this problem is in the very late stages of testing/certification, and will be automatically available on PSN very soon.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM me, or check our Official support site over at www.sega.com/support

-Max at SEGA Support

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