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Thread: Sega Arcade Classic Daytona USA Rolls Onto PSN Tomorrow

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    Sega Arcade Classic Daytona USA Rolls Onto PSN Tomorrow

    Sega Senior Digital Brand Manager Mai Kawaguchi has announced today that their arcade classic Daytona USA will be rolling onto PSN tomorrow.

    To quote: It's time to get revved up with DAYTONA USA!

    The days of throwing quarters into an arcade machine to experience a high octane lap around the Daytona speedway may be gone, but starting tomorrow you can re-live all the excitement at home with the release of DAYTONA USA on PlayStation Network.

    It's all here. The cars, the courses, the original soundtrack and of course, the unforgettable Rooolliiiing staaaart! Race your AI opponents in classic Arcade Mode, beat the clock in Survival and Time Trial modes or sing along to your favorite DAYTONA songs in Karaoke mode!

    We are bringing back the original DAYTONA USA experience introduced back in 1993 with enhanced retro graphics, trophies, steering wheel controller support and a new online mode that supports up to 8 players.

    Since its arcade debut, DAYTONA USA has stood the test of time as one of SEGA's top racing titles. The DAYTONA USA and retro game fans will certainly notice that every detail of the original hit has been meticulously preserved and polished for this ultimate version of DAYTONA USA.

    For two weeks only (until November 8th), we are giving away our DAYTONA USA retro theme as gift with purchase. DAYTONA USA is also part of this month's PlayStation Plus program. For Plus members, we are giving away a free theme and retro car avatars.

    We hope to see you on the speedway tomorrow!

    [imglink=|Sega Arcade Classic Daytona USA Rolls Onto PSN Tomorrow][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sega Arcade Classic Daytona USA Rolls Onto PSN Tomorrow][/imglink]
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    Mantagtj Guest
    wicked i used to LOVE this at the seaside...

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    Ezio Guest
    This game remember me my first game for Nintendo console, Billy Elliot Nascar Challenge, there was Daytona track and the graphics looks the same ...

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    damox Guest
    Rolling staaaart!

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    YeahBabi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Mantagtj View Post
    wicked i used to LOVE this at the seaside...
    logitech GT wheel Oh YES!!!

    force feedback and all, getting it for sure.

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    this game rocks, supposedly there was one for dreamcast but I cant find it anywhere I hope duplex can hack this one.

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    ninjawarriors Guest
    this is awesome news, but for the love of god, also release SCUD RACER.

    hope namco soon follow and release some of their awesome racer catalogue eg rave racer and please Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    This game is like in every arcade, I remember going to the Arcade with my friends to verse them in this game. Good thing I can get this game and kick their asses over the internet without going to an arcade now.

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    Osirisx Guest
    Yeah i hope namco get do that too, would love arcade perfct ports of those games. (rave racer)

    can't games devs see that its the old arcade games from yeteryear that will still bring hours of fun to this gen of gamers.

    sega if you are reading this plesae port over arcade versions of sega rally 1 and 2 in hd if possible, but please don't mess about with the handeling keep it the same as the arcade, along with virtuaraceing / RAD mobile / manxTT with an option to "upscale" to HD gfx.

    please don't give us dreamcast version ports of them, look at what you did with crazytaxi! it was better being played on the DC or better yet in the arcade.

    there are many other great arcade games out there that us gamers would like to see ported over to our consoles. there is a market out there that is willing to pay up for those games please give us the good stuff from our childhoods.

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    Ni72ous Guest
    Looking forward to this, might have to invest in a race wheel.

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