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Thread: SCEE Boss Not Sure if PS3 Will Last its 10-Year Lifespan

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    SCEE Boss Not Sure if PS3 Will Last its 10-Year Lifespan

    One of Sony's main arguments to defend against the Xbox 360 is the PlayStation 3's longevity. They once even said that the console is future-proof, and will last longer than the PS2 will.

    But now, even SCEE prez David Reeves isn't sure the console will go completely through its supposed 10-year lifespan, saying:

    The competition will have new models on the market by the end of the PS3. I have no doubt and we'll have to be fast on our feet... I don't know whether the PS3 lifespan will be eight, nine or ten years.

    He does add though, that the PlayStation 4 is not "on the horizon" yet. And it really shouldn't be - even Microsoft's Robbie Bachexpects this generation to last longer than previous ones.

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    parkerparker Guest
    typical sony!! 10 years?? i think its only got like 6.. sony is always blowing their own trumpet!

    its a good machine but lets face it in another 5 years we want something new full stop!

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    SCE Guest
    They should release the cex and dex Then I am sure it will last much longer

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    LOL those are useless without the JIG hardware itself... they have been sitting on people's PCs for months.

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